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We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn to work better and be more efficient. The same can be said, when we are using computers. Clicking on a wrong link can download a malware on to your system, or not paying attention while installing a software can infect your computer with malware.

These are errors you can potentially recover from. But what about those you can’t recover from, that was a pun. We are talking about files which you have deleted but want to recover?

It happens to everyone. We accidentally use shift and delete which permanently deletes files from the hard drive, instead of placing them in the recycle bin. If your recycle bin is full (around 5% of your drive’ space), it will no let you place more files in it, and instead offer to permanently delete the files, which you may choose if you are not careful.

But the most common occurrence of such an issue, is when you delete a bunch of files to free up storage space, you may accidentally delete an important document, or photo, or video which can cause you to lose your data, or even worse, precious moments in your life, which you wanted to remember forever. Instead they are lost forever, or are they?

So, how do you recover files which have been deleted? With the help of Iolo Search and Recover. Why do we recommend it? Because of the features which we are going to explain to you.

Iolo Search and Recover has a pleasant interface, with a light color scheme. The GUI is divided into 4 parts. There is a tab on the main screen which is divided into 2 sections.

Before that, let’s tell you how the scans work. When you choose a scan type, you will be able to select which drive to scan on your computer. The next screen allows you to optionally choose SmartScan technology, in Iolo Search and Recover, which improves search results by eliminating irrelevant and junk files from being included in the result. This makes scans run faster, and the filtering makes it easier to get the files you need.

You can optionally use the StrongScan technology in the program, which can search the hard drive on a sector-level. But this comes at a cost, in that it increases the time taken for the scan to complete, by quite a bit. It is worth it though, as it is capable of finding more deleted files, even years after they were deleted.

The scan results page lists all the detected files, and lets you sort the list by name, the prognosis (the chances of the file’s recovery), the location of the folder where the file was before it was deleted, the file type (like txt, jpeg, etc), and the file size.

You can scroll through the list and check only the files which you wish to recover, and use the left side bar to recover the files.

Iolo Search and Recover Coupon Code

For filtering the files, you can use the toolbar which allows you to switch between media view (with thumbnails) and the regular list view. There is also a filtering option, which lets you view just just the files of certain file types, like Pictures, Movies, Documents, Songs, Program Files and Internet Files.

The first of these is the “Recover Deleted Files” section. This can be used to scan your hard drive and find deleted, lost and damaged files. You can view the results, and recover them as necessary.

This scan is the slowest of the available options, because it scans for each and every file type, and this takes a long time to finish. If you know the format of the file which you want to recover, you can opt to scan only for that file type to speed things up a bit.

This is done with the help of the other 3 scan types found in the second section, of the Iolo Search and Recover GUI.

The 2nd option here is called “Recover Deleted Pictures & Movies”, and as the name suggests it will only scan for multimedia files which were saved in image formats and video formats only. For this scan type, you can select if the pictures were stored in a specific location or on a camera.

The 3rd scan type, is “Recover Deleted Songs & Sounds”, and is obviously for recovering your music files. Like the picture scanner, the sound files scanner allows you to select where to scan in, whether in a specific location or a music player.

The fourth scan type in Iolo Search and Recover is Recover Deleted Emails, which can scan your email program of choice, be it Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc, and recover emails, tasks, notes, journals, contacts which you deleted from the programs. No other file recovery program which we tested offers this feature.

The final scan option in the program is “Perform TotalRecovery”, which allows you to recover deleted data from any folder, CD/DVD, or device or drive with a single click of the mouse. This option also allows you to access some advanced disk tools, using which you can copy an entire drive or disk. You can even create a virtual drive, and manage drive images. You can use this section to search for lost or damaged partitions.

It is very user friendly, and has a powerful recovery algorithm, which you can rely on to recover files, unless you have made too many changes to the hard drive, like defragmenting the disk. But never fear, because Iolo Search and Recover also has an option to create a safe storage and backup, to store your important files, for easier recovery.

You can recover your music, photos, videos, emails etc from any drive be it an IDE, SCSI, USB, CD, DVD, Memory Card, Cameras, etc with Iolo Search and Recover. The program works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

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