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It is no secret Windows computers become slower over time. That is because of accumulated data, aka files, which clutter your hard drive, and registry entries which remain behind whenever you install and uninstall software, over time.

This happens to any computer, so if it impacts your home personal computer, you can make do with workarounds and solutions,. We prefer to fix our computers using software such as System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic Business Coupon Code

But what about your office computers? Surely you can’t install such software on each manually, and perform automated cleaning. Or can you? Well, if you can imagine what your workplace would function with a bunch of slow computers, you will realize the need for maintaining the systems.

The proper solution for your work computers, is Iolo System Mechanic Business. So what is the program capable of?

The best way is to analyze the program’s features, is to examine the GUI. Iolo System Mechanic has a user friendly interface with a theme which is easy on the eyes. The main pane is the light portion of the program, while the sidebar on the left edge is darker.

There are 4 options on the sidebar, which consist of the following: Dashboard, ActiveCare, Toolbox and Reports.


The Dashboard section is the primary part of System Mechanic Business. You can use it to analyze the computer for issues and fix the detected problems. Think of it as the one-click system scanner and repair tool in System Mechanic Business. In addition to this, the screen also displays the current status of the computer, i.e., whether it is bad, fair or good.

There are two tabs in the dashboard: Overview and Problems. The overview screen acts as the status screen, and is displayed by default. The problems screen is where you will find the list of issues detected by the program.

You can go through the results and manually un-check which ones you don’t want to be purged. You may have some important data to be preserved from deletion, right?


The ActiveCare section, is the next option in the sidebar of System Mechanic Business. This consists of two sets of tools. The first is an automated system cleaner, which can run the scanner and fix issues without the need for manually running the program and fixing issues. Oh and don’t worry about it running when the computer is being used. ActiveCare only runs when your system is idle.

It can be used for deleting system clutter from temporary files, improving the startup time of the computer. In addition to this, it can also scan your hard drive for issues, and repair them. It can even find security vulnerabilities, in web browsers and Windows, and fix them.

These automated tasks can be disabled or enabled as per your requirements.

The other part of ActiveCare is Internet Security, which helps in monitring whether your system’s security software such as the real-time antivirus protection and firewall are running actively or not.


This tab also has 2 sections: PC TotalCare and Individual Tools. The PC TotalCare is a all-in-one solution, i.e., it has multiple tools, which can be run with a single click of the mouse.

System Mechanic Business’ PC Accelerator has tools for making the computer run faster with its plethora of speed-boosting tools. The PC Repair tool can be used for fixing errors, crashes and helps in recovering from system failures. The PC Cleanup tool can be used for deleting system clutter to free up the storage space on your hard drive. The PC Security tool lets you fix security flaws, and apply some safety related improvements.

The Total Registry Revitalizer, which is a specialized utility in the Toolbox of the program, can be used for backing up the Windows Registry and to restore backups in case of issues. It can also repair the registry by deleting invalid and obsolete entries, and also for defragmenting and compacting the registry.

The Individual tools, as the name obviously hints, has separate tools for those which are present in the All-in-one tools, but in neatly categorized sections, using which System Mechanic Business will let you improve the performance of the system, enehance the protection, free up drive space, repair issues, etc. The Memory Mechanic for defragging the RAM, the EnergyBooster for disabling unused background programs, and the NetBooster which can optimize your internet related settings are particularly useful.


System Mechanic Business’ Reports tab has two tools: IntelliStatus and History.The first one shows the status of the free RAM and total memory, the start-up programs, which applications are running, the speed of the network, and the state of the hard drive’s free space and the total storage.

Iolo System Mechanic Business Coupon Code

The History tool displays the recent actions taken by the different modules in System Mechanic Business.


This is Iolo’s backup tool for System Mechanic Business, and can be used from the toolbar on the top right corner of the GUI. This tool allows you to manage Windows’ system restore options, which is very useful, should you run into a crash or major issue. You can simply restore the computer, to a state where it was fully functional. Thus preventing wastage of time and data which would have otherwise been unavoidable if you had no option but to format the computer.

Network Install:

This feature is exclusive to System Mechanic Business, and for good reason. The’ network installation options lets you manage all your office computers via a network interface. For this, the Network Deployment Tool is used, allowing you to manage the program’s ActiveCare, which as we explained, allows System Mechanic Business can automatically repair issues. You can also choose when and how often ActiveCare should run on the machines, set the program to pause if the systems are running on battery, or if the CPU usage is higher than a selected threshold percentage.

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