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Windows unlike many of its rival operating systems, is prone to a great number of issues. But it also happens to be the best operating system, when it comes to features, and the available number of applications and games, Microsoft’s platform reigns supreme.

The most common issues in Windows, which you may have also faced, are virus infections, slow start up, and laggy performance. While malware attacks can be avoided with a good anti-virus solution, the latter is almost unavoidable. You can however fix these issues, by using a proper and well-designed system tune up software.

And that’s why we think, you should really consider using Iolo System Mechanic Professional, because it is a system tune up software and an anti-virus software, packaged in one security suite. The fact that the software has existed for over a decade and a half, should give you some confidence in its quality.

Iolo System Mechanic Professional Coupon Code

We are going to be looking at its features, to help you make your decision. Iolo System Mechanic Professional has a good interface, with a light background for its main screen, while the left sidebar sports a dark background.

The sidebar has 6 sections, each with its own set of tools: Dashboard, Toolbox, ActiveCare, LiveBoost, Internet Security and Reports.


The primary screen of the suite, is actually that of the Dashboard, and lets you analyze the PC for issues, and then displays the status of the system based on the scanner’s results. You can choose from a quick analysis which completes in 1 or 2 minutes, and a deep scan which takes longer, at around 5 to 7 minutes to finish.

Once it is done, you will be able to repair the issues which were detected by System Mechanic Professional from the same screen. You may notice that the Dashboard has two sub-sections, overview and issues. The overview tab is the status indicator screen, while the latter is the repair screen, which also lets you view the various issues detected by the program, and selects them individually so you can fix specific issues, while skipping the others.


The Toolbox has an All-in-one tools option for quickly fixing your computer. But there are separate tools, which System Mechanic Professional, which are same as the one used in its one-click scanner.

The following 5 sub-sections are available in the Toolbox: Clean, Speed Up, Protect, Recover and Manage.

Clean: This set of tools let you scan for and delete junk files, repair issues in the registry, uninstall software completely, and erase private data.

The Speed Up section allows you to boost the internet speed, fix network issues, optimize the memory, improve the speed of SSD hard drives, fix issues which may cause programs to run slow, reduce the startup time, manage startup programs and currently running programs.

The Protect section houses options for managing Iolo’s System Shield’s settings and its scanners. You can use it for scanning the entire PC for malware, or just a specific file or folder. You can also view the Disinfection History, and manage the quarantine from this section. The Security Optimizer can be used for fixing Windows security vulnerabilities, tracking changes made to the system, wiping an entire drive, or for shredding files to prevent recovery. You can place a Desktop File Incinerator icon on your home screen, like a recycle bin and also use it from the File Explorer’s context menu.

The Recover section allows you to recover photos, videos, music, emails which you may have accidentally deleted. The Drive Medic can fix hard drive issues and create an emergency CD. The System Troubleshooter can be used for scanning and fixing common system related issues.

The Manage tab can be used for finding updates for device drivers and install them, viewing advanced system information, to moitor the hatd drive status, and for measuring the network speed. has one tool, but it is very powerful.

The Super Control Panel in this screen has a lot of advanced customization settings which are otherwise inaccessible from the Control Panel in Windows. There is a very nice desktop gadget in System Mechanic Professional, which can be used for viewing the status of the PC, in a glance.


System Mechanic Professional doesn’t has to be run manually to keep your PC in its best state. It has an automatic PC maintenance mode, which is called ActiveCare. This allows the program to optimize the startup, internet settings, system drive, repair broken shortcuts, repair registry issues, fix security issues, and more.


The LiveBoost section has tools for improving the PC’s performance in real-time using OptiCore and PowerSense for your CPU’s cores, RAMJet for optimizing the memory, and AcceleWrite for improving the hard drive’s speed.

Internet Security:

This tab consists of two sections: Anti-Malware and Firewall. The Anti-Malware is Iolo System Shield’s screen, which protects the PC in real-time from viruses, spyware, etc. In addition to running scans, viewing the quarantine and history, you can also see when the virus definitions were updated, when the last full scan was run, and also whether the automatic updates, real time protection, and email protection are enabled. The Firewall tab lets you open, and disable the Windows Firewall, and its current status.

Iolo System Mechanic Professional Coupon Code


The Reports section in System Mechanic Professional has four tabs: IntelliStatus, History, Reliability and Energy Efficiency.

IntelliStatus – This shows the status of the hard drive and its free space, the RAM and free memory, startup programs, running processes, and network speed.

History – You can view the recent actions of the various modules in the suite.

Reliability – Scores your PC’s reliability based on the number of crashes, hardware issues etc it was impacted by.

Energy Efficiency – Shows the amount of energy consumed by your PC, and a chart with the efficiency levels based on your machine’s various settings.

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