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How many files do you download on an average day? How many websites do you visit on average? How many emails do you get, with attachments, everyday?

The number really doesn’t matter. Instead, what is more important, is from where you download the files from, check emails, and visit websites. The internet is no goody-goody place mind you. Danger lurks around every corner, and makes the whole net, a dark malware infested place.

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Many of us use multiple computers these days. They could be a laptop which you use at work, a desktop at home or the other way around. And a lot of people have gotten to play games more than they were, prior to the rise of smartphones, almost a decade ago.

So, you can never tell where a digital attack, aka a virus infection, a trojan or a worm, could come from. Even computer manufactures, i.e, OEMs, often ship their own software with their PCs. These could be huge security risks, ranging from fake certificates (used to identify the PC’s model), and even software suites designed to provide critical updates, for drivers, or even OS updates.

But we have seen OEMs include spyware in their software, which sends data back to the manufacturer, possibly a health report of the PC. But nobody likes this kind of telemetry. These issues also occur with third party applications, which you download from websites. This is why you need to be careful, where you get your files from.

Now, a far more dangerous threat called Ransomware exists. These are file encrypting malware, which encrypt your precious data, without any way to recover them, unless the attacker is compensated or a security researcher breaks the code, and releases a free tool to unlock the files.

Unfortunately, not everyone is tech-savvy to stay alert and spot malware. Even the best security experts can be tricked to install malware accidentally. So it is important to pay attention, while installing applications, especially free software, which could be bundled with toolbars and other shareware software.

So, what exactly is the solution. It is pretty simple. You have to prevent attacks from ever occuring, for a good defense is the best offense. You don;t want to delete your files, by formatting a hard drive, do you?

Worry not, and use a good antivirus to protect your computer. And that’s why we recommend the best of the lot, Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Though it does not come with the company’s firewall, Kaspersky Anti-Virus works pretty much with every third party firewall software, which makes it a superb way to try a solid security combo. If you don’t want to use third party firewalls, you can still use the good old Windows Firewall, and you will still be protected.

The interface of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is sleek, and yet quite simple while retaining a modern design.

There is a status banner on top of the main screen in the UI. This displays information about your Kaspersky Anti-Virus’ current state. If it has problems updating its virus database, or a component is not working, it will display a warning asking you to fix it. To do so (it does it automatically once you initiate the fix), click on the details button, and follow the on-screen information.

Similarly, if a virus or malware has been detected, it will display a red colored banner, with a warning, and a prompt to fix it. Likewise, the system tray icon on your desktop, will display an exclamation mark to indicate an issue has been detected.

The following options are available in Kaspersky Anti-Virus’ main screen: Scan, Update, Reports and OnScreen Keyboard.

There are four primary scan options in Kaspersky Anti-Virus:

  1. Full Scan – The slowest of the lot, but scans the entire PC.
  2. Quick Scan – Only scans the start up items and critical areas.
  3. Selective Scan – Manual scan which supports drag and drop to scan files and folders.
  4. External Devices Scan – Scans your USB devices and external HDDs.

The full scan is the most powerful one, so we advise running it every month or so, to ensure your PC’s safety.

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Update, as the name clearly indicates, is for updating the virus database, to ensure the Anti-virus can detect and remove the latest threats. Though the software keeps it up to date manually, you can update it manually too.

Reports lets you vie the recent activities and detections made by the security software, and is useful for analyzing any detected ones.

The OnScreen Keyboard is a browser tool, which you can use with your mouse. Click on the keys displayed on it and it will type the corresponding ones in the text box field, so you can use it to securely type your passwords and usernames.

Similarly, you can use the Safe Money setting, which protects your default browser, when you are banking or shopping online. Protecting your children’s privacy is possible thanks to the Parental Controls settings in Kaspersky Anti-virus. You can use it to restrict access to websites, games, etc, which may not be age appropriate.

Opting in to the Kaspersky Cloud, will grant you access to zero day attack prevention, i.e., protection from the latest threats.

Buy Kaspersky Anti-virus at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. Kaspersky Anti-virus is the best security software for protecting your PC from virus, malware and ransomwre attacks.