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Computers have become an integral part of our lives. We rely on them for day to day tasks like emails, chatting, browsing, downloading, entertainment, and more. Of course, they are used for gaming and professional and official purposes too.

Regardless of what you have been hearing about the PC market dying out, it is not remotely true. Just because smartphone usage is on the rise, doesn’t spell the end of good old computers. Analysts predict that sales of PCs have dropped because of smartphones, but have you come across any store or office where a phone has replaced a computer?

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Of course not, and this is why computers are always the primary target of attacks and hacks. These could occur anywhere and at anytime.

Where they originate from cannot be predicted, because of the vast amount of websites we visit everyday. The most common way PCs get infected are through malicious downloads, which could come packed with some PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) aka adware like toolbars, third-party apps, or in worse cases, malware and viruses which are quite stubborn to remove at times, depending on their potency.

Ransomware is a newer threat that is more dangerous, because these lock your files leaving you without a way to recover them. We have seen many users affacted by malware and viruses, and they simply give up on removing the infection, and instead format the entire hard disk?

Is deleting a drive the solution? Of course, if you rely on regular data backups, then you may go ahead and format the disk, and reinstall the operating system. But that means you are tech savvy, and not very many people have the same kind of skills, not to mention, that not many actually have time to do all this.

So, what exactly is the solution to these problems? Prevention is better than cure, as the old adage goes, and that is one we concur with. Use a good antivirus and a powerful firewall, and your PC should be safe from even the most dangerous threats.

Now the question is, which security software to choose? Allow us to recommend, Kaspersky Total Security.

The name Total Security should signify its specialty, for it protects all of your devices, be it a computer or a smartphone. Now, this is what we call security at its best. Before we take a look at the features, let us examine the UI of Kaspersky Total Security. It looks simplistic, and yet manages to deliver a modern design.

A banner on top of the main screen, indicates the current status of Kaspersky Internet Security. If it says “Your computer is protected”, your security suite is doing its job fine. It it only when the application has issues, will you see a warning status message. This may include issues with updating the virus database, or when a threat has been detected. The taskbar icon of Kaspersky will also display an exclamation mark, in case security issues occur. When you see something like that, click on the details button, to see what options are available.

The main menu of the security suite has many buttons for navigating, which adds up to the user friendliness factor.

The following options are available on the main screen: Scan, Update, Safe Money and Parental Controls

Kaspersky Total Security has four primary scan options:

  • Full Scan – Scans the entire PC
  • Quick Scan – Scans the start up items
  • Selective Scan – Custom files and folder scan, supports drag and drop to scan
  • External Devices Scan – For scanning USB devices.

The full scan is the slowest and the most thorough, while the quick scan only checks the most critical ares. Selective Scan and External Devices Scan can be slow or fast, depending on how large your disk is, and how many files it contains.

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Every antivirus needs a virus database, which is what is used to scan your files for infections. And Kaspersky Total Security keeps its database up to date automatically. But you can manually check for updates and also new version of the suite, should any be available.

Safe Money is an advanced browsing protocol from Kaspersky. It uses your default browser, and adds some security to it. This helps it protect your online shopping, banking and other financial transactions, from attackers and malware.

If you need more security for your browser, you will find the virtual keyboard, very useful. Simply click on the on screen keys with your mouse, to type in whatever you want, including passwords and usernames. This protects your key strokes from being tracked.

The Parental Controls settings in Kaspersky Total Security is useful for restricting access to websites, games, applications, which may not be suitable for kids, or guest users. Likewise, you may also choose your level of Privacy Protection, Trusted Applications, and more from the Additional Tools menu.

Kaspersky Total Security has 5 special features, which are not available in the Antivirus and Internet Security versions.

They are as follows:

  • File Shredder – Delete files securely, to prevent recovery
  • Data Encryption – Encrypt your data, to protect it from other people
  • Manage Your Devices – Protect devices connected to the PC
  • Backup and Restore – Backup or restore your data
  • Password Manager – A safe haven for your passwords

Should you wish to protect your PC from the most recent viruses and threats, aka zero day attacks, you can opt-in to Kaspersky’s Cloud Protection by using the Management Console. It also has options to control the OnScreen Keyboard, the Quarantine, Vulnerability Scan, Browser Configuration, Kaspersky Rescue Disk and Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting.

Buy Kaspersky Total Security at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. Kaspersky Total Security is all you need protect your computer, Mac, Android devices from viruses, malware, and ransomware.