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No computer is safe from viruses, malware, and the like. The internet is infested with dangerous software and malicious code. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Trojans, worms, viruses spread from infected USB Drives, to computer, simply when the drive is plugged into device. This also happens, when an infection is present in a malicious email attachment.

But the more rising threats of today, are malvertising and ransomware. Attackers often hijack legitimate websites, and take control of them. Then they silently inject some malicious code in to the ads which the web pages normally display to the visitor. Clicking on such an ad, could infect the user’s computer. And because the malware was disguised as a regular ad, it could be very difficult to distinguish between the two.

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Very often, we come across websites which flash some pop-up ads asking you to clean your computer, or optimize them, and warning the user that it is risky to ignore the message. People are thus misled or should we say tricked, into downloading malware unintentionally.

Ransomware on the other hand, are applications which are disguised as legit programs, and upon being downloaded on to a computer, they begin executing an EXE file, which in turn downloads a malicious software code. This encrypts your files, and locks them out of your use. The only way to get the data back is by decrypting it, with a unique code, which sometimes can be obtained for free once the ransomware’s coding has been unraveled by the good guys.

Email spamming and spoofing is also a threat to identity and data theft, as are Keyloggers.

This all sounds incredibly scary, doesn’t it? So, the question is how do you protect your computers from malware, viruses and the others?

Kaspersky is a name well known amongst the security aficionados, and it is Kaspersky Internet Security, which are reviewing here today.

Let’s see what the interface looks like. Kaspersky has a UI, with a light colour theme, which is modern looking and yet simplistic.

On the top of the main screen, is a large banner which shows you the current protection status of the computer. Should any virus be detected, this area will turn red with a large warning sign, informing you of the risk. Clicking on the details button, will allow you to view more information about the status.

Just below this, are four options, with icons representing their functions. They are: Scan, Update, Safe Money and Parental Controls.

Kaspersky Internet Security Coupon Code

There are four scan types in Kaspersky Internet Security: Full Scan, Quick Scan, Selective Scan and External Devices Scan.

The full scan analyses all of the contents of your computer’s hard drive. This is an extensive scanner and as such as it will take the longest to finish the scan.

Quick Scan on the other hand only scans for objects loaded when the operating system starts.

The third option, Selective Scan, scans just the particular files and folders which you wish to check for viruses and malware. To do so simply drag files or folders to the Kaspersky Internet Security UI.

Update as the name suggests is for updating the virus database of Kaspersky Internet Security, as well as components of the security suite.

Safe Money is a protected browser, which can be used for banking, shopping and other online transactions. It also comes with a rather neat virtual keyboard, which can be used with the mouse, without the fear of anyone else, trying to trace your key strokes.

The Parental Controls option in Kaspersky Internet Security, allows you to set a password for some settings. Using this you can create secondary or guest accounts. Each of these accounts can be configured to use various security protocols, including blocking access to the computer, games, certain websites, etc.

The main menu of Kaspersky Internet Security has an “Additional Tools” option, which allows you to access various settings. This includes Privacy Protection (and can clean Private Browsing,Webcam Access), Trusted Applications (to allow particular applications to run).

The Management Console allows you to connect other devices to the computer, and keep them protected. Cloud Protection uses Kaspersky’s own Security Network, connecting users to stop zero day attacks and more.

You can also access the OnScreen Keyboard, the Quarantine (where detected infections are stored), Vulnerability Scan, Browser Configuration (which analyzes installed browsers for risks), Kaspersky Rescue Disk and Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting settings from the same menu.

There are also real time graphs which shows the usage of the Application Control (CPU, Memory and Disk), and a Network Monitor which shows data usage.

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