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Have you ever encountered a computer virus infection? Not everyone can say no, and that’s perfectly normal. But virus and malware infections are truly terrible ones to experience for they wreak havoc on your computer.

The mere thought of losing our precious data is terrifying, just imagine the trauma of actually experiencing it.

Normally, viruses and malware attacks through the most common form of computer usage, aka the internet. But it is not merely downloading a malicious file, that poses a danger. Even visiting a malicious website could pose a huge security risk.

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Email addresses can be spoofed, to trick the user to believe that the email came from a source known to him, but when he clicks on the attachment or URL it came with, it could lead to identity theft, data theft and more.

This logic also applies to Apple Mac computers, and Android devices. How many times have we seen pop up messages, which claim that your device is at risk, is something which we cannot count.

These occur through malvertising campaigns. What that means is, banners or images from legitimate advertisement networks, are hijacked by attackers and the ads are injected with malicious scripts. These are often executed simply when a user visits the web page. If you ever see a website claiming that your PC is at risk or infected, do not for a second believe it or make the mistake of interacting with it. Just close the browser tab and move on.

Of course more severe threats like Ransomware, whoich encrypt your files, and prevent you from accessing them, unless you have the decryption key is currently considered as one of the biggest menaces that the internet has ever seen.

One more way how digital infections occur, is by USB Flash drives. Very often, we forget to scan them for viruses and malware, and simply plug them in to multiple computers. If the drive or the PC had an infection, chances of it affecting your other devices is high.

You can see from the above examples that it is important to your devices from such threats. And it is for that purpose, we recommend using an all round security solution like Kaspersky Total Security.

Let’s start with a look at the interface of Kaspersky Total Security. It has a simple color scheme, with the UI itself being very well designed, in conform with modern standards.

There are several buttons on the main menu, each of which have a symbol signifying its functionality. This makes the application very user friendly, when it comes to navigating between the options.

There is a large banner on the top of the main screen. This is where the status of the security suite is displayed. Normally, it will display a message which says “Your computer is protected”. If it encounters any problesm updating the virus database, or if a virus or malware is detected, the banner will change its color to red, with a message warning the user. It also has a details button, which can be clicked upon to view the notification center, for more information about the status.

Just below the banner, you will find the buttons we mentioned earlier. They are used for accessing the following settings: Scan, Update,  Safe Money  and Parental Controls.

Kaspersky Total Security has four main scanning options types: Full Scan, Quick Scan, Selective Scan and External Devices Scan.

The full scan option is its namesake, and as such scans your entire hard drive. Though it takes the longest time to complete scanning your files, it is by far the most thorough one of the lot.

The second option, the Quick Scan, is kind of the opposite to the Full Scan, because it only scans the applications and items which are executed when the computer starts.

The third option, the Selective Scan, is otherwise called manual scan. Select some files and folders which you wish to scan, and it will do the job for you. And for convenience, Kaspersky Total Security allows you to drag and drop files and folders directly to the Kaspersky UI to be scanned.

The update option, as the name suggests is for keeping the antivirus databse of Kaspersky Total Security up to date. Additionally, it can also keep your security suite’s modules and the version of the software up to date as well.

What good is a security suite if can’t protect your online sessions. Worry not about this, for Kaspersky Safe Money does the very job. It is browser with some advanced security options. This can be useful if you shop online, manage online banking, etc.

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Additionally, there is a virtual keyboard, which can be used with a mouse to input passwords, usernames, and prevents keyloggers from tracking your key strokes.

Kaspersky Total Security has some advanced Parental Controls settings which can be used to block access to individual applications, games, websites, etc, and can keep your children safe.

You can adjust the Privacy Protection, Trusted Applications, and other advanced security options from the Additional Tools menu, which is accessible from the main screen.

In addition to all this, Kaspersky Total Security comes with five extra tools which are exclusive to it.

File Shredder – This option allows you delete files sdecurely, so they cannot be restored.
Data Encryption – This option can be used to encrypt your data, so nobody else can access it.
Manage Your Devices – This is used to protect other devices which are connected to the PC
Backup and Restore – This option allows you to back up some of your important data
Password Manager – A secure vault for your passwords.

The Management Console also has an option to grant you access to Kaspersky’s Cloud Protection, which in turn protects your device from zero day attacks. You can also tweak the settings for the OnScreen Keyboard, the Quarantine, Vulnerability Scan, Browser Configuration, Kaspersky Rescue Disk and Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting from the same menu.

Buy Kaspersky Total Security at an incredible attractive price, and save with our exclusive discount code. Kaspersky Total Security is truly the one stop solution to protect your computer, Mac, Android devices from viruses, malware, etc.