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We visit lots of websites everyday. Sometimes to watch movies, listen to music, download applications and games, send emails and post status updates on social networks.

A more common method of visiting web pages, is from sdhraed links. That is, links which were shared with you on social networks, or via private messages on various messaging services.

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But, are you truly certain that the links that you visit are clean and devoid of malware and viruses? No, there is absolutely no way to make sure of this. As as result, many people just click on the link, and then their computer gets infected with some unwanted infections. the same thing happens a lot on phones too, especially on Android devices, considering that it is the most popular platform for portable devices.

Windows Computers and Mac machines, however are far more complicated. They face more dangerous threats ranging anywhere from adware (toolbars, browser home pages), trojans, keyloggers, to powerful malware, and in worse cases, deadly ransomware, which lock your files behind an encrypion, which can only be unlocked with the correct and unique decryption key.

While most of these threats originate online, and through malicious  downloads, sometimes these infections can occur offline as well. The most common ways this happens is via USB Flash drives which wehen plugged into a
PC can be infected or if itself is infected already, it may harm the PC.

What must one do, to protect his device from such threats? Well, the obvious thing to do is to have an observant eye, on the websites you visit and links which you receive. Precautionary common sense plays a key role, in keeping your PC safe.

The other thing to do, is to use a good security solution on your computer. By this, we mean a top of the line Antivirus, Firewall, etc to ensure your PC is safe from infections, regardless in what form they originated.

And what better could you possibly use, than Kaspersky Total Security? What exactly makes it a top notch security suite? Let’s find out.

The interface of Kaspersky Total Security is well designed, simplistic and modern looking. Thanks to the large buttons on the main menu, and the symbols on them, it is quite user friendly to navigate.

The main screen has a rather large banner which displays the status of Kaspersky Total Security. If there are any problems (say for example the virus database has not been updated, or a virus has been found), Kaspersky will display a large red warning sign, for you to take notice.

Click on the details option, to go to the notification center, which will have more information about the issue at hand.

Now, to the primary function of the security suite. There are four buttons on the main menu:

  • Scan
  • Update
  • Safe Money
  • Parental Controls

Kaspersky offers four main scan types. They are:

  • Full Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • Selective Scan
  • External Devices Scan

The first scan, full scan, more commonly referred to as “system scan” is used to scan your entire computer for viruses, malware,etc. It is advisable to run this scan once a month or so, depending on your usage, to ensure your PC is spotless. It will take a long time for this type of scan to finish, because of the fact it is a complete scan.

The second scan type, Quick Scan, is very fast to complete, because it only scans the items which run upon system boot.

The third scan type, Selective Scan, is a manual scan selection, which only scans the files and folders which you choose to analyze. It offers a drag and drop option, so you can simply do so by dragging files or folders to the UI, and they will be scanned.

Update is also one of the primary function of the security suite, for it keeps the virus database of Kaspersky Total Security, up to date, along with the modules of the application itself. This in turn helps it battle against the latest threats.

Safe Money is a browser with protected browser, which can be used for online banking, shopping etc. This reduces the risk of theft of your banking information, credit cards, etc. In addition to this there is a virtual keyboard, which you can use with your mouse. This prevents keyloggers from tracking your key input for usernames, passwords, etc.

You can set up the Parental Controls settings from Kaspersky Total Security’s main menu. It allows you to block or grant access to specific appilcations, games, websites, web content and more.

The Additional Tools option on the bottom of the main menu, grants you to access various security settings like the Privacy Protection, Trusted Applications, etc.

Kaspersky Total Security comes with five extra tools which are not available in the Antivirus and Internet Security versions.

  • File Shredder – Used for securely deleting files
  • Data Encryption – Encrypt your data and unlock it with a unique key
  • Manage Your Devices – Used for protecting other devices connected to the PC
  • Backup and Restore – For backing up important data
  • Password Manager – For storing passwords

The Management Console can also be used for opting in to Kaspersky’s Cloud Protection to protect your PC from the latest risks aka zero day attacks. Other available options here include the OnScreen Keyboard, the Quarantine, Vulnerability Scan, Browser Configuration, Kaspersky Rescue Disk and Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting settings.

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