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Laplink PCmover Home, Washington-based software developer Laplink’s solution to file transferring, removes most of the hassle when it comes to migrating to another computer. By providing you with the tools required to transfer all your files from one computer to another, you can be assured of adapting to your new PC sooner since you can move pretty much everything — programs, account settings, configuration files, etc. While you are limited in the amount of things that you can do when compared to Laplink’s alternate PCmover Professional utility, the amount of features that you receive are more than sufficient to get the job done.

How It Works

Rather than wasting your time trying to move files between computers using physical media, you can instead use Laplink PCmover Home to directly transfer items from your old PC to your new computer. Not just that, but the application also features the ability to move your programs, account settings, custom configurations, and device drivers to your new computer, thereby preventing you from wading through optical discs, downloading program installers, applying manual updates, etc. Laplink PCmover Home requires that you install the application on both your old and new computer since all available transfer methods focus on direct file transfers. The application also requires your new PC to run at least the same or a newer version of Windows as the older computer to prevent program compatibility issues — certain programs may require reactivation due to DRM security measures.

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Transfer Methods

Thanks in large to a super-intuitive user interface, Laplink PCmover Home makes it extremely easy to transfer files between computers. With the included PC to PC Transfer module, you can instantly select the method that you want to use to transfer your files — using either a Wi-Fi or Wired connection or via a Laplink Ethernet or USB cable. While the Wi-Fi and Wired options let you conveniently transfer your files when both computers are on the same network, the Laplink Ethernet and USB cable options instead require you to purchase the appropriate cables directly from Laplink — this incurs additional costs, so your best bet would be transferring files over a Wi-Fi or Wired connection.

Transferring Items

After choosing the appropriate transfer method, Laplink PCmover Home starts analyzing your old computer for transferable items. Once the application finishes its analysis, you are then presented with an array of options to transfer your files. You can, for example, select the Standard option that’s recommended by Laplink PCmover Home, where the application automatically selects all items by category — programs, settings, emails, documents, music, pictures, and videos. Alternately, you can choose to select the Customize Application Selection option to manually specify the programs that you need transferred, or the Full Customization option to have complete control over all available items.

Customizing Transfers

When selecting the Full Customization option, you can specify exactly what you want transferred. You can, for example, manually select the programs that you want moved, where Laplink PCmover Home goes so far as to provide you with a compatibility list of whether the transferred programs would work on your new computer — from a scale of Yes, Likely, Unlikely, and No — so that you can determine whether you want to spend valuable time transferring them. Laplink PCmover Home also lets you select the exact files and folders that you want moved to prevent unwanted items that are selected by default from clogging up your new computer — you can also use wildcards to flag certain types of files from being transferred.

Undoing Your Changes

As great an application as Laplink PCmover Home is, transferring data — especially programs and device drivers — does have the chance to adversely affect the stability of your new PC. As a safeguard against such instances, Laplink PCmover Home features the ability to undo any changes made to your computer since the last file transfer. Rather than performing a complete system restoration, however, you can instead choose to manually select the items that you want removed from your new computer for a much smoother procedure.

PCmover Home Limitations

Laplink PCmover Home does have its limitations, especially when compared to Laplink PCmover Professional. You cannot, for example, transfer any programs located outside the system drive, though it won’t make a difference if you don’t have your programs installed on other hard drive partitions. In addition, the application prevents transferring user account data from other users — you can only transfer the information of the profile that you are currently logged in as. Another major drawback is PCmover Home’s inability to transfer data to external storage devices, and then make the transfer to a new PC, which may make or break the deal for certain users. Regardless, PCmover Home still provides enough bang for your buck, and if you are a normal PC user, you won’t find the limitations all that glaring.

Should I Buy It?

While Laplink PCmover Home does fall behind when compared to the superior Professional version, you won’t miss out on the features if your main goal only involves around making simple data transfers to and from an older computer to a new PC. The ability to transfer programs in their entirety complete with customized application profiles and configuration settings further bolster the application ability to provide a seamless transition to a new computer. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, you can get the job done even if you haven’t performed any file transfers before, and if you are stuck on something, you have Laplink’s support personnel ready and waiting to help you out.