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Laplink PCmover Professional isn’t just your ordinary file transfer utility. Not only can you move around files, but the application also lets you transfer entire programs complete with personalized user settings, custom profiles, and whatnot — in a nutshell, have your new PC running your favorite programs with the exact same settings as your older computer. Various file transferring techniques — Wi-Fi, Wired, USB, Ethernet, etc. — combined with a super-intuitive user interface make short work of all your programs, files, and settings.

User Interface

The simplistic Laplink PCmover Professional Home screen puts together all available options that the application has on offer into focus — PC to PC Transfer, Windows (In-Place) Upgrade Assistant, Image & Drive Assistant, and Undo Previous Transfer. PC to PC Transfer gives you access to all your file transferring options, and also walks you through each facet of the process for added convenience. On the other hand, Windows (In-Place) Upgrade Assistant gives you the option to keep all your programs, files, and settings intact when upgrading to a newer version of Windows. Finally, Image & Drive Assistant lets you directly restore data from any virtual or physical hard drive, while Undo Previous Transfer offers the ability to undo any changes made since the last file transfer.

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PC to PC Transfer

With its PC to PC Transfer feature, Laplink PCmover Professional makes transferring data a breeze. After installing the application onto both your old and new computer, you are then conveniently walked through each step that it takes to transfer your files, programs, and settings. Laplink PCmover Professional features multiple ways to transfer data, where you can either move content through a local area network, a Laplink Ethernet cable, a Laplink USB cable, or onto an external storage device — both the Ethernet and USB cables, however, must be bought separately from Laplink, which is a major downside. Before proceeding, you must ensure that your new computer runs the same or a newer version of Windows.

After specifying the transfer method that you want to use, you can start selecting the type of content that you need transferred. For ease of use, Laplink PCmover Professional categorizes each item by type — Application Settings, Custom Settings, User Account Selections, Drive Selections, File Filters, and Folder Filters — where you must manually select the files, folders, programs, program settings, Windows user profiles, etc. The application also makes it possible to transfer hardware device driver data, although compatibility issues between operating systems may prevent the drivers from working correctly on your new computer. All transfers — except when moving content to an external storage device — are performed in real-time.

Windows (In-Place) Upgrade Assistant

While the PC to PC Transfer feature provides more than enough bang for your buck, Laplink PCmover Professional also features a Windows Upgrade Assistant wizard that makes it extremely easy to keep all your programs, configuration settings, and hardware drivers intact even after upgrading to a newer version of Windows — just select the items that you want to keep, and you can proceed with applying the new OS upgrade without worrying about losing your data. After finishing the upgrade procedure, you must reinstall Laplink PCmover Professional, and then select the backup transfer data archive to restore your programs and any other items to the current operating system. Certain programs, however, may require you to reactivate them as part of their DRM security measures.

Image & Drive Assistant

In addition to both the PC to PC Transfer and Image & Drive Assistant options, Laplink PCmover Professional also features an additional feature known simply as the Image & Drive Assistant. With that, you can directly connect old hard drives (via SATA or IDE) to your computer and either let the application automatically move all detected programs, files, and user account information, or manually specify the exact type of items that you want moved yourself — this feature lets you move items on computers that don’t work anymore due to non-hard drive related issues. Further, the Image & Drive Assistant also lets you mount virtual hard drives — VHDs, VDIs, Laplink Disk Images, etc. — as an additional partition onto your hard drive, where you can then select the items that you want moved to your new computer.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks in large to the multiple file transferring methods available at your disposal, and the ability to move nearly any type of content — files, folders, programs, device drivers, user accounts, configuration settings, etc. — Laplink PCmover Professional cements its position as one of the finest file transferring utilities currently available. Not limited to just simple file transfers, the application also features the ability to keep all your data intact even in the event of a major operating system upgrade so that you can continue working on as if nothing happened.

That, combined with the ability to transfer content directly from physical and virtual hard drives make Laplink PCmover Professional worth every penny that you spend. Purchasing the file transferring utility also entitles you to the Free Transfer Assistance program, where you receive the assistance of Laplink’s excellent customer support team for all your file transfer requirements completely free of charge.