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Washington-based PC management software developer Laplink releases numerous tools that make migrating to a new computer much easier. With its Laplink PCmover Professional utility, you can be assured of having all your important files, programs, and user profiles transferred in no time, while Laplink SafeErase lets you securely delete data from the older computer’s hard drive — for instances where you want to sell it and not worry about losing confidential data. Whether it’s moving files, programs, and settings between computers, upgrading operating systems while keeping everything intact, or wiping data using state-of-the-art deleting techniques, both Laplink PCmover Professional and Laplink SafeErase let you do it.

Laplink PCmover Professional

Unlike the competition, Laplink PCmover Professional doesn’t just focus on performing simple file transfers — instead, it features the unique ability to transfer nearly any program, user account setting, or configuration file to another computer, thereby making PC migration a whole lot easier. Its PC to PC Transfer module conveniently walks you through each facet of the transfer process, where you get to choose from between multiple data transfer techniques — Wi-Fi, Wired, Ethernet, USB, and External Storage. Both Wi-Fi and Wired are the most suitable, since the Ethernet and USB options require patented cables bought directly through Laplink itself. Regardless, transfers made using all four methods are performed in real-time — if you don’t want to perform real-time transfers, just use the External Storage option to move your data onto any USB storage device so that you can transfer the files to another computer at any time of your choosing.

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In addition to transferring your files, programs, and settings to another computer, Laplink PCmover Professional also features two other options that focus on your current computer — Windows Upgrade Assistant and Image & Drive Assistant. With Windows Upgrade Assistant, you no longer have to worry about losing your programs, device drivers, and account settings when upgrading to a newer version of Windows. By selecting the items that you want to keep intact, you can be assured of having everything back after performing the OS upgrade. On the other hand, the Image & Drive Assistant allows you to transfer items to your computer by directly connecting other hard drives via SATA or IDE — Laplink PCmover Professional automatically crawls the hard drive for transferrable items, where you can either choose to import a list of items recommended by the application, or manually select the files that you want to import. In addition, you can mount virtual hard drive images and transfer files just as you would do on a physical drive.

Laplink SafeErase

Laplink SafeErase compliments the intuitive file transferring capabilities featured in Laplink PCmover Professional. With the ability to wipe nearly anything from your hard drive, Laplink SafeErase gives you that much needed upper-hand in terms of security when looking to keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. The application’s intuitive user interface lets you scan for removable items that are deemed as unsafe — form data, saved passwords, browser cookies, etc. Not only does the application detect files that pose security issues, but it also features the technology to detect unsecure items that are already deleted — but recoverable via certain programs. Once analyzed, you can instantly instruct Laplink SafeErase to clean up your computer — including items that were already deleted — and prevent them from ever being recovered. If you are looking, for example, to sell your computer after migrating to a new one using Laplink PCmover Professional, then Laplink SafeErase is your best bet to prevent confidential data from being recovered.

Laplink SafeErase isn’t just limited to analyzing and deleting stuff. By using the Control Center, you can actively decide what you want to wipe out securely — files and folders, hard drive partitions, Internet files, etc. After selecting the action that you want to perform, you can then choose to create deletion lists by manually adding the items that you want to wipe out — deletion lists can also be saved for later use. In addition, the application features other options that you can use, for example, to wipe out free space (just in case that there are items residing), your entire computer (where the application creates a startup entry and wipes out everything including the operating system), etc. Further, the inclusion of pre-defined deletion lists further fine-tunes the entire process, where you can simply select the action that you want the application to perform — Internet files, Windows temp files, log files, etc., — and let it do the job for you automatically.

Should I Buy?

With the ability to transfer nearly anything that you can think of, be it files, folders, programs, settings, and whatnot, Laplink PCmover Professional ranks as one of the best file transfer utilities currently available. And if you are looking for something that helps you wipe out confidential data after migrating to a new PC, then you have Laplink SafeErase ready and waiting. The multitude of features present in both Laplink PCmover Professional and Laplink SafeErase make moving between PCs one of the easiest things that you can possible do, all the while providing incredible value for money.