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Laplink PCmover Professional + Laplink SafeErase + Laplink DiskImage Bundle Coupon Code. Up to 50% OFF Laplink PCmover Professional + Laplink SafeErase + Laplink DiskImage Bundle Discount Code Bundle.

With access to Laplink PCmover Professional, Laplink SafeErase, and Laplink DiskImage, managing your PC just got easier. Laplink PCmover Professional serves as the ideal application to move all of your important files, programs, and configurations between computers with little to no hassle. On the other hand, Laplink SafeErase gives you that much needed peace-of-mind whenever you need to get rid of confidential information permanently. Finally, Laplink DiskImage provides a complete package of PC-backup tools that you can use to secure your data against corruption.

Laplink PCmover Professional

By using Laplink PCmover Professional, you no longer have to worry about losing valuable data when you migrate to another computer. Unlike other utilities, Laplink PCmover Professional isn’t just limited to file transfers — instead, it features the ability to move entire programs, user account information, hardware drivers, and configuration files, thereby saving time that would otherwise be spent on searching for optical discs, downloading program installers, finding serial numbers, etc. The application includes a number of transfer methods that ranges from local Wi-Fi and Wired transfers to external storage-based data archiving — the presence of a built-in transfer wizard further streamlines the entire process while also having complete control over the exact items that you want transferred.

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If you think that’s it, then you are just flat-out wrong. In addition to its file-transferring capabilities, the application also features the ability to keep everything intact even in the event of an operating system upgrade via its Windows Upgrade Assistant feature. You can simply select anything that you want to carry over to the new operating system — files, programs, drivers, settings, etc. — and get them all back as soon as you finish the upgrade procedure. Image & Drive Assistant, another handy feature, lets you just connect the hard drives of other computers to your PC and make file transfers immediately — a great feature to have when looking to acquire the files on obsolete computers. Not just that, but it also lets you mount and import data from virtual hard drives as well — VHDs, VDIs, Laplink Disk Images, etc.

Laplink SafeErase

Laplink SafeErase provides a plethora of file deletion tools that help prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. Since deleted data can be traced via file recovery programs, Laplink SafeErase also features the technology to detect deleted items and permanently remove them using state-of-the-art disk wiping technologies. The application gives you the option to automatically analyze your computer for files that may carry sensitive information — mainly browsing data, Internet cookies, form data, etc. — and offers to get rid of them instantly. You can also choose to manually determine exactly what gets removed from your computer — by creating deletion lists of various files and folders, you can be assured of getting rid of unsecure files that may accumulate over time as soon as possible.

In addition to removing files and folders permanently from your PC, Laplink SafeErase also features multiple other options that you can, for example, use to wipe out entire partitions or hard drives of all data — the application uses multiple hard drive passes to ensure that none of your data gets recovered by any recovery application. On the other hand, you can also choose to securely wipe out the free space on hard drive partitions as a safeguard against any deleted items that may potentially get recovered. As a much drastic measure, you can instruct the application to automatically remove all data on your hard drive — including the operating system — by creating a startup launch of Laplink SafeErase.

Laplink DiskImage

If you are constantly worried about losing your data accidentally or in the event of an operating system or hard drive failure, then Laplink DiskImage may fit you perfectly. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, you can instantly select any files and folders that you want to back up and copy them to another partition on your hard drive or onto any other external storage device of your choosing — external hard drives, flash drives, NAS drives, etc. Support also extends to entire hard drive partitions in addition to individual files and folders. Rather than making complete subsequent backups each time, Laplink DiskImage also gives you an Incremental backup mode that saves valuable time in the long run by only backing up any changes made since the last backup.

Laplink DiskImage further features the capability — in the spirit of its name — of creating mirror images of entire hard drives or partitions. This gives you the benefit of making complete file restorations in the event of data corruption or hard drive failures — if the system drive gets affected, Laplink DiskImage lets you create a boot disc that allows you to load the application at computer startup, where you can then conveniently select the associated disk image for a complete operating system restoration procedure. Disk images can also be restored to alternate computers with completely different hardware from your current computer. The presence of a “One-Click Image” backup mode and task scheduler further streamlines the entire process and makes for a much smoother backup experience.