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Although Windows operating systems are labeled by Microsoft as being highly upgradable, the Windows Upgrade Installer doesn’t feature the functionality required to provide a seamless upgrade procedure under most scenarios — cross-architecture, cross-language, cross-SKU, etc. Since this results in a time-consuming endeavor that usually requires a complete overhaul of files, programs, and configuration settings, Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant may just be the ideal solution for you. With the ability to immediately transfer all your data — files, programs, settings, device drivers, etc. — Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant makes migrating to a new operating system a much smoother experience.

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In a Nutshell

By using Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant, you can upgrade your Windows operating system — Windows 10, 8, 8.1, or 7 — to a newer version with everything intact. While the Windows Upgrade Installer does support Windows upgrades to a certain extent, most items don’t carry over under various upgrade scenarios related to OS architecture (x86 and x64), differences in OS language and build, discrepancies in SKUs, etc. With Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant, however, you no longer have to worry about losing your favorite programs and settings. By crawling the old Window backup archive, the application lets you transfer nearly anything that you can think of, be it programs, hardware drivers, configuration settings, user account information, etc. If something goes wrong during the transfer process, it isn’t a big deal since the application features the ability to roll back nearly any changes made to the operating system.

Upgrading Windows

Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant doesn’t require you to make an initial backup of the things that you want to transfer. Since the older operating system gets automatically archived after a system upgrade — which contains everything from your programs and drivers to configuration and account settings — you can just use that as a backup source to transfer your data. The application, however, does require that your computer meets certain criteria before any transfers take place. You must, for example, use the “Custom” option when upgrading the operating system, since the alternate “New” option formats your hard drive and prevents you from gaining access to the old Windows data archive — you must also choose to install the upgrade onto the same partition as your current operating system. The application warns you of certain limitations that may arise during the transfer process, such as certain programs not being compatible with the newer operating system, hardware driver issues for outdated components, programs reactivations due to DRM security measures, etc.

Transferring Files

Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant features a super-intuitive user interface that walks you through each facet of the transfer process. After the OS upgrade, simply reinstall Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant and enter your user credentials — name, email address, and serial number — to get started. By default, the application automatically selects the old Windows data archive, although you can manually choose to do so if that doesn’t happen. Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant analyzes the data archive, and presents you with two options — Standard and Customized. The Standard option serves as the ideal method for transferring content to your new operating system, where the application automatically selects compatible programs, account details, and configuration data that you need transferred. Selecting the Standard option also lets you automate the entire transfer process, where the application notifies you after it finishes the procedure.

Customizing Transfers

While the Standard option does result in a much smoother data transfer process, your older operating system may have some unwanted programs that you don’t want cluttering up the new OS. If that’s the case, you can choose the “Customized” option to manually decide on exactly what gets transferred — once selected, you can directly specify the programs, hardware drivers, and account settings that you want transferred. Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant displays a list of all applications that it detects — for added convenience, the application displays a compatibility list that you can use to determine whether transferring certain programs are worth the effort. You don’t have to select the configuration settings for each respective application, since those are imported automatically. Next in line, you can choose to import your hardware drivers — the process is quite similar to importing your programs. All detected user accounts are also displayed, where you can choose to restore your old Windows user accounts to the new PC instantly.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of functionality present in Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant is quite astounding. Not only does it feature the unique ability to move nearly anything — programs, account settings, configuration settings, etc. — to your new PC, but it also gives you the ability to determine exactly what you want transferred. If you are looking to get back to work as soon as you upgrade your PC, then Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant may fit you perfectly, since it also imports all of your hardware device drivers as well — no more having to look around for old driver discs. Laplink PCmover Windows Upgrade Assistant turns upgrading Windows from a daunting task to a much enjoyable experience, and provides some of the best transfer capabilities that money can buy.