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MacKeeper Premium is a set of different useful utilities to maintain, optimize and protect Mac operating system. The program includes a powerful set of tools that allow you to keep the system safe, stable and free from viruses. MacKeeper Premium offers 16 advanced utilities which are divided into five different categories, i.e. cleaning, security, performance, data control and privacy.

Cleaning- this category includes the following utilities- Memory Cleaner, Fast Cleanup, Smart Uninstaller, Duplicates Finder and Disk Usage. All these utilities are designed to clean your Mac and significantly increase its performance and speed.

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Memory Cleaner- this utility provides you with the easiest way to clean Mac memory. With the help of it you can clean RAM both in manual and automatic mode and remove all unnecessary processes which slow down Mac speed and performance. The main advantage of the automatic mode is that you have the possibility to set the limit of free memory for cleanup. It is very useful because you do not need to clean your Mac manually; the utility will automatically clean RAM when it comes to the specified limit.

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Fast Cleanup- with this function, you can remove unnecessary files and files that slow down your Mac. This utility will scan your system for these files on your hard drive and safely remove them. With the help of Fast Cleanup, you can find and delete temporary caches, unused language packages, legacy application paths, and so on. This tool gives you an effective and safe way to clean your Mac from junk files and greatly increase its speed.

Smart Uninstaller- this utility allows you to easily uninstall any of installed applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins. The main advantage of this utility is that it does not leave any leftover files after the uninstallation; all unneeded files and items are uninstalled together with applications.

Duplicates Finder- as a result of daily work, a lot of duplicate files are left on the computer and it is not an easy task to find and remove them manually. There is no need to say that we should remove all of them because they waste up the valuable disk space. Just for this reason, you can take full advantage of this utility. It will help you to find and remove all these duplicate files, for example, photos, videos, documents, and so on. The program provides you with various filters and options for specifying the desired searching parameters, for example, file size, name, extension, and so on.

Disk Usage- this utility which is essential and very useful part of the program, helps you to analyze and control your hard drive usage. It allows you to find out those files and folders that consume the most disk space and safely remove them if you do not need them. Thanks to that, you will be able to increase disk space and its performance.

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Security- it goes without saying that it is very important to keep the system safe. MacKeeper Premium offers two useful utilities which allow you to secure your Mac- Internet Security and Anti-theft. Internet Security protects your Mac against all online and offline threats and it allows you to secure the system all kinds of viruses such as spyware, adware, trojans, and so on. Anti-theft utility offers an easy and convenient way to protect your Mac against being stolen. After registering it on the official website, you will be able to track and found your computer if it is stolen or lost.

Performance- utilities which are collected in this category, allow you to speed up your Mac by applying different performance options and parameters. Login Items utility lets you to increase the boot time of your Mac by removing or optimizing those startup items and applications which are started together with the system. Update Tracker utility is very useful and it allows you to control every applications installed on your Mac and automatically update it when new versions or security patches are available.

Data Control- it includes four utilities- Files Finder (this utility helps you to find any file on your Mac easily and quickly thanks to various filters and options. You have the possibility to specify the file name, extension, size, and so on); Default Apps (with the help of this utility, you can associate any file types with any installed applications installed on your Mac and make them default for opening specific files); Files Recovery (with this utility, you will be able to recover accidentally deleted files; all file types are supported by the program, for example, audio, video, photo, document, and so on) and Backup (MacKeeper Premium provides you with a lot of advanced options for backing up important files and folders. The program supports different backup methods and it allows you to schedule automatic execution of the backup task at the specified time).

Privacy- it goes without saying that you have to protect your private info from the prying eyes. MacKeeper Premium offers two useful tools which will help you to do that- Data Encryptor and Shredder. Data Encryptor allows you to protect your private and sensitive files and folders with a strong password by using the most advanced encryption algorithms; and Shredder will help you to delete confidential file securely without any chance of their recovery by using the best and leading deletion methods.