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LinkAssistant Professional Coupon Code

Building a successful website is a very difficult job. It requires a lot of patience and effort. But even if you have a polished website with great content, your website may still suffer, if it is not properly optimized for search engines.

Even then, you need to take some steps to improve the search result ranking. One of the best ideas to do that, you seriously need to consider backlinks. These are not always free. You may have to convince the website owner to give a specific URL to link back to your website, and hopefully have the link placed in an article placed with some relevant content.

If your aim is to boost your websites SEO rank with backlinks, you are going to need to make sure of some basic things. First rule is that you can’t just expect your SEO numbers to shoot up, by getting backlinks from random websites.

Instead you should get backlinks from websites which are ranked highly by search engines. This way, when a search engine which crawls that website, and finds a backlink for your own website there, it will take that as a good sign, and rank your site higher than normal. That is what we want after all.

Next thing you wanna make sure, is that you want the backlinks to be live all the time. If it is taken down for some reason, your website will not be ranked for that backlink anymore and your SEO will suffer as a result. You can’t keep monitoring backlinks manually, as it is not only time taking, but sometimes, not easy to find out.

This is why we recommend using a tool such as LinkAssistant Professional. This tool from SEO Power Suite, is a very useful application for webmasters. Here’s what you can do with it.

The interface of LinkAssistant Professional is similar to Rank Tracker, and that’s a good thing, as uniformity between the programs makes them all the more easier to use. First you will need to enter the URL of your website, after which LinkAssistant Professional will scan the domain for backlinks from other websites.

Next you will see the main window of the program. This screen has a sidebar with 5 options: Prospects, Email, Browser, Domain Strength and Reports. Prospects is where you can see for Link Prospects, i.e., look for high quality backlinks from websites which are rated by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Click on the look for prospects button, and it will give you several options for finding backlinks.

This is basically a research technique sort of thing, which allows you to find ways to promote your website. You can use it to find blogs which allow guest posting your for your writing service, or look for people who may be interested in reviewing products or services, or find comments or forums which are relevant to the keywords related to your website. Use these to build discussions and in turn brand awareness.

You will also be able to discover and join giveaways to offer your products or services, or submit your website to directories, or submit your website’s URL to link submission forms, or links pages which some websites have to promote your website.

Next you will select the Search Engine of your choice, and the keywords which you wish to research and LinkAssistant Professional will do the rest. LinkAssistant will intelligently suggest keywords, find our sites which link to your rivals, and also detetc which sites already link to you. The software scans over 569 search engines to deliver rich results. You can then analyze the results, and select which website is a suitable prospect for you to partner with, for a backlink.

Now, the part where you have to find out how to contact the website’s staff for negotiating for a backlink is the hardest part. Well, not really since the software automatically pulls the contact information from prospect websites, and lists them for you, conveniently cutting out the work for you. That’s not all, you can view the website address, title, and the page description of the website too.

You can even send a link request email directly from LinkAssistant, and there are ready to use email templates, and of course you can create your own email templates too. Emails which you send can be tracked, and the same applies to replies, and you can flag important emails so you don’t miss anything.I mean, how easier can it get right

LinkAssistant Professional Coupon Code

If you wish to add tags for marking prospects, you can do so, and sort and filter them later. Use the prospect quality tab to check the Domain, InLink Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain age, social media metrics, etc. The backlinks tab as the name suggests can be used for managing your Backlinks. If your partner has decided to change your acquired link to no-follow, or takes down the link, you will be able to find it out, in a single click of the mouse. This link verification also scans for wrong anchors, and if you find any issues you can contact the person immediately.

LinkAssistant’s reports, available from the sidebar, are very customizable. These can be viewed on any device, be it a computer, or a smrtphone or tablet. And you can easily share these reports with a simple a shareable link, or if you prefer it, you can also set up a scheduled task which will send the report to you or your selected contacts via a HTML email, or plain text, a direct link or as an attachment. LinkAssistant has a built-in web browser which can be used for surfing the webm or for checking partner sites, and to preview link directory page, and to fill up link exchange forms, etc. You can always use an external browser if you prefer.

LinkAssistant Professional is an excellent what to manage your existing backlinks and gain new ones. It is a superb step to improving your website’s SEO rankings.

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