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Want to convert your PDF files into other formats? Looking for a way to edit the documents in a professional manner? You can do that and more, with the help of Nitro Pro.

The program can be used to read PDFs, and create new ones, but what you may not know is that the Nitro Pro can even merge multiple documents into one PDF.

The program allows you to convert your PDFs in to Microsoft Office supported formats such as DOC, RTF, TXT, XML, PPTX, which you can view and edit in Word, Powerpoint and Excel. You can extract images in PDF files, in to BMP, JPG, TIF and PNG picture formats.

The application boasts an incredible level of customization including the header & footer, watermarks, bates number, adding bookmarks to pages and linking the text to web URLs.

Nitro PDF can transform scanned documents into PDFs with Optical Character Recognition, and the text in the resultant files are searchable, and editable. Speaking of editing, Nitro Pro has editing tools in every tab in the interface, so you can edit the PDFs quickly.

There are a lot of tools in the program, which are available in the various tabs in the ribbon GUI. So, pin-pointing a tool to a specific tab, can be difficult. But if you prefer to work with your favorite tools, you can pick some of them and add them to the Home tab.

Besides creating regular text based PDFs, you can add images, checkboxes, radio boxes,  bar codes, etc for different kinds of PDFs. Including application forms, web forms, etc.

You can use Nitro Pro to collaborate with your colleagues, by adding comments, notes, highlighting the text, etc. In case of missing annotations, you can use the compare tool, to check what is different between two PDF files.

PDFs which you create or edit, can be shared via email or through the Nitro Cloud. And if you wish to secure the documents, you may lock them with a password.

You can even create forms with Nitro Pro including options for checkboxes, bar codes, radio boxes, list box, etc.