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Do you have a mix or songs which are may be a tad too loud to be added in a perfect album which you are creating? Any good sound engineer will tell you what’s wrong with the audio, it is the dynamic range aka DR. It is too high, but you don’t know in which part of the track it is.

So, how do you fix such a problem? First you need to find out just how many decibels the audio hits, and for this you need a special tool. If you want more control over your music’s dynamic contrasts, you have come to the right place. Say hello to MAAT DROffline.

This is a software which you can use to measure the dynamic range of your music, with 100% accuracy. It is not a plugin like other metering programs, and hence it can be used as a standalone application. This means you do not need to run a DAW (digital audio workstation), to use DROffline.

Let’s take a look at the interface of the program. MAAT DROffline has a very simple, and minimalistic interface, which is user friendly.

There are no graphical representations in the program, and instead it uses digital meters for displaying the Dynamic Range of the content it is analyzing. There are a total of six small numerical fields or boxes on the interface of DROffline. These represent the left and right channels of the dynamic range, the peak, and the RMS (root mean square).

The large box which is on the top of the window, right next to the Dynamic Range DR box, is where the actual dynamic range of the audio which was measured by MAAT DROffline, is displayed.

The large field below the dynamic range boxes of the channels, is the

“Loaded File” field. This is where the name of the track or audio which you have loaded using the program, is displayed. Do note it does not support commonly used audio formats like MP3 as these are lossy formats, whose compression encoding makes them terrible for professional audio usage.

MAAT DROffline only supports WAV, AIFF, PCM, BWF, AIF and FLAC lossless audio formats. You can use the program to analyze individual tracks for their accurate dynamic range. Or if you want to, you can also measure the DR value of an entire album, if you have stored it on your computer.

There is a toggle just below the Loaded File box, which is placed in a vertical way. You can hover the mouse cursor and click on the toggle to switch between the file and folder option. This will let you select the fire or folder which you want to measure the DR for.

The next step is to select the content which needs to be measured, and for this you can use the load button. This will open a new pop-up window in Windows Explorer, which you can use to browse to the folder location where the music files or folders are saved on your hard drive. And yes this works with external storage drives, such as USB Flash drives or portable hard drives too.

What does the cancel button in MAAT DROffline do? Before we tell that, we must explain what the large field on the bottom of the GUI is for. This is the progress bar which is used to display the percentage of the track or the files in a folder, which you have loaded in the program. As DROffline measures the dynamic range of your audio, the progress bar will fill with a solid color to indicate how the process is going on.

Now, in case you have selected a folder which has too many audio files in it, or if you accidentally selected the wrong music folder, and wish to cancel the DR analysis process, you can click on the cancel button, which we mentioned earlier. See how easy it is to use the program?

If you want to analyze a lot of music tracks, and don’t have the time to note down the dynamic range of each, or want to make a record of the measurements made, say for example, before editing and after editing a mix, you are in luck. There is a small box on the bottom right corner of the DROffline GUI, which says Logfile. Check this box, and it will display an X to indicate it is enabled. This option will save the dynamic range values which the application measures, in a plain text file, which is saved to your computer, and which you can use for future analysis or for comparing the values before and after editing or mixing tracks.

While you can use MAAT DROffline along side the DRMeter utility, you should understand the key difference between the two programs. DRMeter is a real-time analyzer, which can measure the dynamic range of your audio as it is played. This gives you an approximate DR value of the track, which can be useful to see which spots high peak, and other important information.

But DROffline can give you the accurate dynamic range for every track, because it analyzes the entire track for the measurement. So, in a way it is more powerful than its companion program.

We really liked MAAT DROffline’s interface which is non-distracting, and also takes up a very small portion of the on screen real estate, which makes it great for multi tasking with other audio software. Also, the program uses very few of your system resources, that you will not even notice that the application is running in the background.

There is a free trial version of the program available, which you can try for 2 weeks before deciding to go premium. Did we mention this program is based on the famous TT DR Offline application. But DROffline is the latest version and is continued to be supported by MAAT.

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