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MAAT Pinguin PG-AMM-Stereo Coupon Code

If you are looking for a way to turn your computer into a digital audio metering device, you are in the right place.

Pinguin PG-AMM-Stereo for Windows and Mac is an excellent and accurate digital audio metering system for stereo and surround sound. It supports EBU R-128 standard for metering the audio. You can use the software with up to 18 instruments and visualize the audio in a lot of ways.

The interface of PG-AMM is ideally suited for any sound engineer. When the program starts you will see 5 panes on the workspace: a Goniometer, a Correlation meter, an LDN Meter, a PPM Meter and an FFT analyzer. PG-AMM-Stereo supports PPM 5.1, PPM 8, PPM 16 and PPM Multi Stereo metering and others such as RTA analyzer, EBU Loudness, Spectral View, EBU Integrated, LEQ Numeric, Multi Frequency Correlator, LDN Logger, the PG-AMMWire Plugin, True Peak and FFT Snapshots.

The first thing you have to do before working with the program, is to plug in an audio source, like a mic or an instrument. The sound input from this goes through your computer’s audio card or sound card, using which you will be able to meter the sound using PG-AMM.

The small bar on the top of the interface, is the Control bar, and will always be available when you use PG-AMM. You can select the audio device which you are using the control bar, along with options to select the audio driver, along with the input signal’s sample rate.

The eye symbol is for selecting which instruments should be displayed from the list available in the program. You can right-click on the icon to display all instruments, The drop-down menu cab be used to select the workspace which you want to work with. You can add or delete workspace elements by using the + or – icons in the control bar.

This allows you to save your own workspace setup and name it too. These panes, can be closed or minimized, or moved to a location in the workspace which you want it to. The program will remember the arrangement of the panes, and save the workstation settings, so the next time you open Pinguin PG-AMM-Stereo, you can pick up where you left off. If you want to move all visible instruments at once, use the sticky move button from the control bar, while retaining their positions.

The Options button (with the tools symbol) can be used to set all instruments to on or off, or to reset the visible instruments, or the positions of the windows. The meter configuration settings can be used to set the routing of the global signals from your audio channels. This can be set per intrument, and per audio input.

You can configure PG-AMM to use Normal or High process priority, depending on how many instruments or instances are running at the same time, and it willl use your computer’s resources accordingly. The Channel order option can be used to select the order in which the channels should be routed.

You can also set the colors of the bar graphs which are displayed in the program. If you are working with remote servers, you can use the TCP/IP protocols by selecting the remote button in the control bar. The wire mode works with EBU-integrated instruments. The stop button can be used to stop or start ENU-integrated or LEQ numeric instances at once.

The double arrow icon can be used to hide or reveal all audio settings on the bar. This includes the input signal’s sample rate, audio driver, and audio device which you have selected as the source.

You can choose one of 9 modes in the peak program meter, including VU/SPPM, QPPM/SPPM +9 dBfs or 0 dBfs, K-20/14/12/ SPPM. K-20/14/12 ITU/SPPM for wide range or pop music or broadcast.

The PPM has both VU and SPPM meters, with the green colored graph bar representing the VU meter, and the orange one for the sample peak, and meters the range from 0 to -96 dBFS. The Correlation meter displays the correlation between 2 audio channels from +1 to -1 for 0 to 180 degrees difference in the phase. The Gonio meter displays the value of the stereo in a 2 channel signal with accurate phase difference values. The FFT analyzer can be used to find the frequency of an audio signal content.

The LDN meter displays the loudness of audio signals, but Pinguin also has an EBU loudness instrument which can be used to measure the values of the loudness, the loudness range, and the true peak. EBU Integrated is also a loudness meter, which is based on the EBU R-128 standard for metering the values of the loudness range, integrated and short-term loudness, and sisplays them in numerical values.

There is another loudness meter, in LEQ numeric which can measure the values using different weighting curves. The Surround locator allows you to observe the total level in the surround field, and the phase relationship of the audio channels in a 5.1 channel surround audio.

MAAT Pinguin PG-AMM-Stereo Coupon Code

There is a multi frequency correlator which can also show the phase relation between 2 channels, in 32 third-octave bands. The PPM multi stereo can be used for multiple stereo streams with 8 stereo channels, and uses a different color and label for each station. The PG-AMMWire plugin can be used to send signals to the program without the input from your sound card. It is available in VST, RTAS and AU plugin formats and works with your DAW.

You can view snapshots which you took, from the FFT Snapshots window, and check the data to compare with others which you saved. The real time analyzer aka the RTA can be used to check the adudio spectrum’s third-octave band levels, while the spectral view uses color coded (red, yellow, green and blue) graphs to check the x and y axis, and level.

You can right click on any of the meters to change the view from horizontal to vertical view, and the display range, or modes.

There is a trial version of the program available with some limitations, which you can try before buying the pro version.

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