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MAAT RSPhaseShifter Coupon Code

Ever wanted to make adjustments to the waves in an audio track? Phasing is mostly done the old school way, i.e. using analog controls. But the problem is, not every engineer has access to such hardware, even the ones with the best software for recording and editing audio.

The thing is, you don’t really need the hardware. Why would you, when we can achieve a similar result the modern way, ala digital methods. This is why we can recommend MAAT RSPhaseShifter for your needs.

Now firstly, since this is a plugin you will need a proper DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software for working with RSPhaseShifter. The software supports sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 384 kHZ and works with all major DAWs.

You probably already have one, but you should know that as long as the DAW supports VST Plugins, you are good to go.

RSPhaseShifter installs 32-bit and 64-bit plugins which you can use with your DAW. The VST plugins which are included when the program is installed are: VST2 DLL files, VST3 files, AU and AAXPlugin files.

The software is based on the original analog W234 Phase Shifter, and is true to its origins. MAAT RSPhaseShifter has a superb interface, and it really does go full retro, with buttons which look similar virtual knobs which have dial-like controls, similar to what a real hardware phase shifter will have. Let us explain how it works.

MAAT RSPhaseShifter allows you to change the value of the gain (decibel levels) in a range +5dB to -5dB. And to do this you have to click on the knob with the mouse, and drag the cursor in the direction you want it to, i.e., to change the gain level to +5dB drag it to the right, and to decrease it, pull it to the left. The advantage here is that you can compensate for level jumps, which are caused by phase shifting.

MAAT RSPhaseShifter Coupon Code

This kind of mouse control is to give the RSPhaseShifter a real hardware feel, and it is definitely appreciated, especially if you are making the transition from analog to digital controls.

The phase control button works similarly, and offers you continous phase shift from 15° to 180°. You can use the toggle beneath the button, for switching the phase range from +180° to 360°. This is available from 195°, because of the filter topology limitations, which prevents phase values between 0 and 15 degrees.

When the switch is towards the top the range of the phase shifter is +180° to 0°, while a bottom facing one means 0 to – 180 degrees. If the toggle is at the center, it means the PhaseShifter is at 0 or bypass mode, which allows you to compare the change between the original audio, and the phase shifted one.

Notice the third knob in the interface, is for setting the audio frequency. It has a 13 step ELMA style control. This conforms to the 2/3 octave ISO standard, and can be used to set a frequency as mentioned here: 16, 25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400, 630, 1000, 1600, 2500Hz and 4kHz. You can hold down the shift key for continous control, or use the default control which changes by each step, like the numbers on a clock.

For finer control of a portion of the audio which you have adjusted by phase and frequency, you can use the DELTA switch which has the Greek letter δ. By using this you can identify which aspects in the audio are changed, or are being processed by MAAT RSPhaseShifter.

This feature will only work with Stereo instances, so you can’t use it for Mono instances. You can also edit Stereo instances using the Mirror mode option in the program. Clicking on the Mirror button available on the bottom of the window, brings up a second set of controls on the left edge of RSPhaseShifter’s UI, which is a clone of the frequency, phase shifting, degree toggle, and decibel level controls on the right side.

This enables you to edit the audio from the right channel and left channel separately. This is very useful for various purposes, for example when yu are recording music from two instruments or in a multi-mic environment, or some special sound effect which you need to add to a mix. The Flip mode button can be used to make the right panel switch places with the left and back.

That’s not all though. There is a toolbar on the bottom of the MAAT RSPhaseShifter user interface. The first of the icons on this bar, is the play (or playback) button, which can be used to directly control the play and pause function in the DAW. The second is the waveform button, which displays a visualization of the soundwaves, along with a timeline bar. The third option is for turning on the effect bypass, while the last option is the settings menu.

Using this you can restore the program to its default settings, and manage presets. You can create your own preset or use the built-in presets, as per your requirements. This menu has a playback loop option, which can be useful if you are checking the phase range of a specific portion in an audio.

The apply button next to the toolbar can be used for saving the changes you made in RSPhaseShifter to the track, which you have loaded in the DAW. The close button exits the plugin’s interface, but does not affect your sound editor software.

During our testing, we ran the plugin with a lot of background applications, and still experienced no lags or other issues.

MAAT RSPhase Shifter has a linear scale and offers excellent real-time adjustment of the resonant frequency, gain and the phase angle. And its compact interface design and user friendliness only adds to the must have tag for the software.

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