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With the lack of a proper key finder applet on the OS X, Nuclear Coffee’s release of Mac Product Key Finder Pro is great news for any Mac enthusiast. By featuring the ability to scan various applications, be it Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, or VMWare Fusion products, you no longer have to worry about losing access to your product license keys. While Mac Product Key Finder Pro does support a lower amount of applications compared to its Windows counterpart, that in itself a remarkable accomplishment since OS X doesn’t store product license keys in a centralized location like Windows operating systems do.

How It Works

Mac Product Key Finder Pro features a simple, yet intuitive, user interface that puts into focus everything you need at a glance. As soon as you open it, the application automatically scans the operating system and installed applications for product license keys and presents them in a clear and concise fashion — the application separates detected information under sections labeled Deep Scan, Devices and Mac Info, and Computer Scan for easier data consumption. The user interface also displays additional options that allow you to print product license keys, save them to various file formats, select custom hard disk drives for scanning, as well as remotely scan LAN computers. The application works on all the latest versions of Mac OS X, be it Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, or Sierra.

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Scanning for Product Keys

While Mac Product Key Finder Pro automatically scans known locations for product keys, it also deploys a more sophisticated deep scan mode that uses advanced algorithms to detect data that even remotely resembles a product key — ideal for products that store serial keys in varying locations, such as Adobe products, for example. Detected product keys are automatically displayed under three separate sections labeled Deep Scan, Devices and Mac Info, and Computer Scan. Both Computer Scan and Deep Scan displays any product keys detected under the normal and deep scan modes. On the other hand, Device and Mac Info gives you access to your Mac OS X serial numbers, product IDs, and other OS related information. In a welcome move, the section also lists the serial numbers of any iOS devices — iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc. — connected to your Mac via USB.

Checking Time Backups

In addition to scanning for product keys on your Mac, Mac Product Key Finder Pro also features the ability to retrieve the product keys from any Time Machine backups made to external hard drives. By using the Select HDD option, you can specifically point out the exact hard disk drive that needs to be scanned. The application automatically crawls the HDD, and displays detected product keys by each individual Time Machine backup to prevent confusion — ideal for instances where you are looking to, for example, recover a corrupted application and want to find the required product key to reinstall the application from scratch.

Remote Scanning

If you have multiple Macs connected via a local area network, you can use the Scan Remote feature included within Mac Product Key Finder Pro to remotely scan other computers for product keys. The application gives you the option to scan Macs either individually, in their entirety, or by IP address range. Detected product keys are instantly displayed on screen, and in the event of scanning multiple computers, Mac Product Key Finder Pro automatically separates detected keys by computer so as not to cause any confusion.

Saving Product Keys

Mac Product Key Finder Pro doesn’t just give you the tools required to search for product keys, but it also provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to recording and sharing your product keys. You can, for example, save them to a variety of file formats — XML, CSV, TXT, HTML, etc. — so that you can either keep them for your records or have them easily shared via email. The application also features command-line functionality, where you can use certain extension-based commands to automatically save your results to specific file formats. Alternately, you can just print select product keys the old-fashioned way via Mac Product Key Finder Pro’s built-in Print functionality.

Should I Buy It?

Mac Product Key Finder Pro is an indispensable tool when it comes to finding all those missing product keys. Thanks to Mac Product Key Finder Pro, gone are the days when you had to protect your CD cases or emails containing all those precious serial numbers. With an unprecedented level of support for numerous applications, Mac Product Key Finder Pro ensures that you find your product keys in no time. Not just that, but the application’s built-in support when it comes to scanning Time Machine backups and LAN computers make for a truly versatile product key finder. Whether it’s finding a lost product key using normal or deep scan methods, scanning Time Machine backups for product keys, crawling multiple LAN-based computers for serial numbers, or exporting your results to various other formats, Mac Product Key Finder Pro lets you do just that and a whole lot more.