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Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro Coupon Code

When I ask my friends or colleagues what media player they use, the answer is usually whatever free one I can find. But then, they ask me to help them with a workaround for a missing feature or two. Over the recent years, as Blu-ray discs have become popular, many people often come to me to hear my recommendation for a player to play those discs.

Can your media player play Blu-Ray discs. No? Worry not, for you have come to the right place. We believe that Macgo Blu-Ray Player Pro is the best media player, and we have several reasons why.

Let’s explore the features of the program. Macgo Blu-Ray Player Pro has a very polished interface, with an impressive start screen design. There is a menu bar on the top of the Window, which has the following options: File, Controls, Video, Audio, Tools, and Window.

The File menu can be used for playing video files stored on your computer’s hard drive, or external storage, or DVD, CD, or Blu-ray discs. Additionally, you can use a URL to stream online videos. There is an option to quickly open recent videos, or to eject videos. You can also use the start screen to open a video or load a disc.

The controls menu allows you to control the playback of the video, along with options to adjust the volume, synchronization of audio, as well as the options to jump between the chapters and title menus of your disc, and the option to switch to full screen mode.

You can also use the video screen to set the video player’s sizen to half, normal, double, or fit to the screen. This tab allows you aspect ratio of the video to 4:3, 16:9, and other display modes. Likewise, you can also crop the video to similar aspect ratios. You have options to select deinterlacing modes, selecting the video track, and to enable or disable subtitles.

The Audio menu allows you select an audio track, and to set an audio channel, and select a device for playing the audio.

The tools menu in MacGo Blu Ray Player can be used for configuring the settings of the program, including the default theme, language, start screen image, the folder where screenshots should be saved, etc. You can customize the subtitle’s font, size, color, alignment and encoding settings as well. You can capture screenshots of videos which you are watching in MacGo Blu Ray Player, from the tools menu, or by using the shortcut key combination: Ctrl + Shift + S. The tools menu can be used to enable AirX, which is MacGo’s technology for sharing videos over the same Wi-Fi connection from your Mac and PC to your iPhone, or iPad or iPod Touch.

The Window menu in MacGo Blu Ray Player, allows you to manage your playlists, view the media information of videos, adjust the program’s brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, and hue values.

You can manage the synchronization of tracks or subtitles, customize the background image, set a default background, for the program. The video player can also be set to always stay on top, even when you are using other applications.

The video player screen has a seek bar, using which you can jump to a specific time position in the video, or to view how long the video’s length is. The bottom of the video player displays the “Now Playing” video’s name, and has playback controls for the video (play, pause, move to next video or previous video).

Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro Coupon Code

You can use the volume bar on the bottom of the window, or scroll the mouse wheel when a video is playing to increase the volume, by up to 200%. That gives it a pretty loud volume boost, without distorting the sound quality.

See the people icon on the bottom bar? That’s the social share button, using which you can post a tweet on Twitter, or a status update to Facebook, to share which movie you are watching to your followers, or friends, without opening a web browser, or your mobile phone app. You can also right-click on the video player screen, to adjust the playback, switch to full screen mode, take a snapshot, etc. There is a full screen button next to the volume bar as well.

The OSD (on-screen display) is useful, as it displays a text or numerical indicator to show the change you make, on the screen. For example: Playing or pausing a video, or adjusting the volume, or seeking to a time position will display the word Play/Pause, % of the current volume, or the time correspondingly. And unlike most media players, Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro actually allows you to customize the forward and backward step in seconds. You can set it to any number of seconds you want to.

Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro supports all video resolutions, including 4K Ultra HD, and supports DTS 5.1, Dolby TrueHD Audio DTS-HD Master Audio and Pass Through . It can play any movies in the following formats: D-R 1.1/BD-RE 2.1, BD-R 2.0/BD-RE 3.0, BDROM 2.2, BD-J, BDROM Profile 1.1 (Bonus View), DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR, VCD, SVCD, CD.

Macgo Blu-Ray Player is capable of playing videos of the latest codec formats including H265, H.264, HEVC, MKV, MP4, AVI and other common formats like ASF, AVC, BSF, DAT, DIV, DIVX, DVR-MS, FLV, JSV, M2P, M2T, M2TS, M2V, M4V, MOD, MOV, MP4V, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MPV, MTS, MVC, QT, TOD, TP, TS, TTS, VC1, VOB, WM.

And you can also play audio files such as AAC3, AC3, ALAC, APE, AOB, DTS, FLAC4, M4A, MID, MKA, MP2, MP3, MPA, OGG, RMI, WAV, WMA, or use it to view pictures like BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF.

Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro is our go to choice for videos, no pun intended. It offers you a delightful movie watching experience.

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