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Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit Coupon Code

Do you want to ensure that the privacy of the data on your iPhone and iPad, remains yours and yours only? Did you delete some files accidentally and are regretting it, wishing you could get them back? Want to manage the entire file system of your iOS device from your Mac?

You can absolutely do all of this, with a unique bundle called Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit.

Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit comprises of three terrific apps for your Mac: iPhone Cleaner for Mac, Mac iPhone Data Recovery, iPhone Explorer for Mac.

Here’s what the apps can do.

iPhone Cleaner for Mac:

The GUI of iPhone Cleaner for Mac, is perhaps one of the best we have seen. It uses a combination of a light color for the background, with brighter colors for the buttons and the various sections in it. You can use iPhone Cleaner for Mac to delete all your personal data, to ensure two things. One, to free up storage space, and second, to prevent your information from falling in to the wrong hands. This includes deleting your messages, contacts, call history, notes, calendars, reminders and photos.

There are various options in the app, which you can use to delete the content, all of which are available through the sidebar on the left. The first option, is Express Cleanup. You can used it to scan your iOS device, with one-click.

The Photo Compressor is not a cleaner per se, but still allows you to free up some of your storage space. How? Well, it does so, by reducing the file size of your photos, by compressing them into smaller file sizes. But don’t worry, this process does not impact your photos clarity, because this is a lossless quality compression, which means you can avoid deleting photos, and still have the best photos on your device.

Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac has two more tools, which offer you great security, in that they can permanently erase data from your iPhone or iPad. You see, when you delete a file from your device, it still leaves remnants which can be recovered. So, if you sell your device after performing a factory reset, a stranger can still use a recovery tool to get your data from the deleted files. That is highly risky.

But, thanks to Macgo iPhone Cleaner, you don’t have to worry about such problems. You can use the app to permanently erase delete files, by overwriting the blank space on your device, to ensure that the data is not recoverable.

You can use the app to completely wipe all the data on your device, which will erase all your data, and overwrite the files. There are three levels of secure deletion, to choose from. The lowest level will overwrite data with zeros, the medium level uses junk files to erase data, while the highest security level uses an algorithm called US DoD 5220.22-M of NISP to delete the data from your iOS device.

Mac iPhone Data Recovery:

Mac Phone Data Recovery is kind of similar to iPhone Cleaner, in terms of the interface. But when it comes to functionality, they are polar opposites. Macgo iPhone Data Recovery can be used to recover data which you deleted, from your iOS devices. Essentially, this is a lifeline to get back irreplaceable files such as photos birthday party, vacations, weddings, etc. But that is not all it can recover, you can use the app to get back data from iOS’ system related content such as contacts, messages and attachments, calendar, reminders, call history, notes and attachments, browser bookmarks from Apple Safari, voice memos, voicemail, etc.

Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit Coupon Code

To recover data from your iPhone or iPad, connect them to the Mac, and run a scan in Mac Phone Data Recovery. This will let you analyze the results, and selectively choose which of the content, you want to recover. Selecting a content type in the sidebar, allows you to see a thumbnail preview of the file in it, before you select to recover it. Then you just have to choose a folder to recover the content to, on your Mac.

If you have iTunes Backup files, you can scan those too, and recover data from them. Icloud Backup files are also supported, and the app allows you to download them, scan them, and then recover files selectively from the backups.

Macgo iPhone Data Recovery is also a backup app, in that you can use it to backup and restore data from iOS and third party instant messaging apps like Messenger, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp and Line, along with attachments which the apps have. WhatsApp users can use Macgo iPhone Data Recovery to transfer their chats from one iPhone to another, or even to an Android device.

And lastly, Macgo iPhone Data Recovery has some advanced tools, which can be employed to fix issues in the iOS System Recovery, or to capture the on-screen content, or to delete your private data selectively, and completely wipe the device’s content.

iPhone Explorer for Mac:

iPhone Explorer for Mac is what Apple’s iTunes should have been. It can be used to manage your iOS device’s file system, just like Finder (the default file manager in macOS). You can use iPhone Explorer to copy, paste or delete any file to your device, or from it. This also works with app files stored on the device.

Have multiple iOS devices? iPhone Explorer for Mac allows you to transfer photos, or to import and export app files between the devices. Any iOS device belonging to the 4th gen or upwards, can be used with Macgo iPhone Explorer for Mac.

The Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit is all about user friendliness in terms of simplicity and polished interfaces, and powerful if not essential features. If you are looking for the best iTunes alternative, you needn’t look elsewhere.

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