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If you are scared about getting a malware infection on your Mac, you can easily prevent that from happening, with MacKeeper Premium. The app is more than capable of dealing with any kind of malware, viruses, etc. It can also secure your internet connection by blocking identity theft, phishing attacks, and infected websites from impacting your web browser, be it Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.

Running out of disk storage? That is not a problem, because you can use the cleaning tools in MacKeeper to delete data which you don’t need, to make room for new apps, games, videos, etc. The duplicate files finder can scan your Mac’s hard drive for multiple copies of the same files, so you can go through the list and delete the ones which you can, and retain the versions which you need.

Uninstalling apps using the Mac Trash option leaves behind a lot of folders, which may in turn contain files, using up bits of your precious data. Fortunately, MacKeeper has a built-in tool, called the Smart Uninstaller, which can cleanly uninstall programs, leaving no unnecessary files behind. The Disk cleaning utlility, can scan for ad delete junk files, logs, unused language packages, etc., to recover data for your other usage.

If you still find that your hard drive is running out of storage, you can use the Disk Usage tool, which will create a visual representation of the folders on your Mac. This information breaks down your hard drive, in ranges of data size such as 1MB to 1GB, 1GB to 10GB, etc, and evaluate this data, to decide whether you can delete the data which you don’t require. This saves you a lot of time, which would have otherwise been wasted, if you had manually searched each and every folder on your Mac.

The Anti-theft tool in MacKeeper Premium allows you to use the iPhone app or the online dashboard, to track your stolen Mac. The data which you can obtain with this utility includes a photo of the thief (taken with your Mac), and the GPS location of the device, which may be used by law enforcement officials to recover your Mac.