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Want to speed up your Mac in an efficient manner? MacKeeper Premium is the app you need. The app can quickly clean up your machine, to get rid of unwanted files such as logs, language packs which you don’t use.

The Disk Usage tool which is included in MacKeeper Premium, creates a visual list which shows you exactly which folders are using up a lot of storage space. You can analyze the data, and delete large files if you want to free up some space for newer files.

Uninstalling unused apps is another way to free more disk space, and MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller can delete all remnant files, logs, folders too, something which the regular uninstaller in macOS cannot do.

MacKeeper can optimize the RAM on your Mac, which is especially useful after you have just closed a memory heavy app or game, to ensure your machine is running as fast as possible.

You can rest assured that your Mac remains devoid of any malware, thanks to the built-in antivirus which is available in MacKeeper Premium. This secures your system both offline and online, including preventing hackers from stealing your identity.

The app has a Safe Browsing protection, which prevents your web browser from being attacked, by blocking phishing and malicious websites.

If you have many apps installed on the Mac, checking if there is a newer version for each and every app can be a bit of a problem. MacKeeper Premium helps you out with this by checking for app updates automatically. It can even check for MacOS firmware updates and alert you if you are missing any.

The app has an Anti-theft feature which can be used along with the iPhone app or by accessing the dashboard on the company’s website, to see where your stolen Mac is. MacKeeper can use your Mac’s camera to take a snap a picture of the thief, when he uses the device, and send it to you along with the location of the Mac, which you can use for filing a Police report to recover your Mac.

MacKeeper Premium also includes free tech support around the clock, which you can access over the phone, or by using the chat option in the app.