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Macs are expensive, trustworthy computers. But what happens when someone steals your Mac?
You can’t afford to lose your precious device, but more importantly, you cannot allow a thief to access your personal data.

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Don’t worry, you can be prepared for such a trying situation, if you have MacKeeper Premium installed on your Mac. The macOS app comes with a free iPhone app, and has an online dashboard, which you can access from any web browser. Once you have logged in to either, you will be able to see where your device is located. Not only that, the app can silently take a picture of the thief, and sends it to you, along with the location on the map. This information can be shared with the Police, who can help you recover your Mac.

Now, that’s not all that MacKeeper Premium can do. It can protect you from viruses, malware, adware etc using the antivirus which secures your Mac online and offline. The app’s Safe Browsing blocks infected websites, and those indulged in phishing, to secure your internet usage, and prevents identity theft.

You can use MacKeeper Premium to clean your computer’s cache, logs, unused language packs, etc., which may be using storage space on your Mac’s hard drive. The Smart Uninstaller in the app, can be used for deleting apps and their leftovers. And the Disk Usage Tool is an excellent way to find out which folders are using up a lot of space.

If you play graphics intensive games or run apps which eat a lot of memory, MacKeeper Premium’s RAM optimization utility will be of great help, as it can free up the memory, so you don’t have to restart the Mac, after using the app or game.

You can use MacKeeper Premium to scan your machine for updates for all other apps, and also for newer OS updates to macOS too.

If you run into issues with your Mac, and are unsure what to do, you can use MacKeeper Premium’s chat to contact the company’s free tech support 24 x7, or call them for assistance from Apple Certified professionals.