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Want to keep your Mad running as smoothly as possible? Then you definitely need to use MacKeeper Premium. The app can clean all temporary files saved as cache, logs, etc, even language packs which you don’t use, to free up the storage space on your Mac’s hard drive.

The Smart Uninstaller tool can be used for removing unwanted apps completely, by deleting the settings, logs, cache, widgets,,etc, which are usually left behind. You can scan your Mac for duplicate files and delete the duplicate copies to free up space too.

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Another way to recover your disk space, is by using the Disk Usage tool which displays a visual representation of your folders, to indicate their file size. This breaks down the folders, based on the range (of the amount of data) they are using such as from 1GB to 10GB, 1MB to 1GB, etc.

The app can help your Mac start faster, by disabling apps which you don’t want to run during the startup. If you don’t have time to check for updates for your apps individually, you can use MacKeeper to check for updated versions. This includes support for updates to the macOS firmware.

Mackeeper Premium includes a built in antivirus, which means the app can secure your Mac from viruses and malware.

Apart from securing the Mac from malware, spyware, adware, etc. MacKeeper Premium is also capable of protecting your web browser from phishing scams, and malicious websites. This works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

MacKeeper can also optimize your Mac’s memory automatically, by monitoring your system’s RAM and frees it when you are done playing a game or an app which is RAM intensive. You can run the optimizer manually too. The app is very user-friendly, and you can access any of the tools from the sidebar, at anytime.

It can also protect your Mac from identity theft too. The built-in anti-theft features can be useful for tracking a stolen Mac online, or from your iPhone. This even allows the app to take a snapshot of the thief, the location, and options to lock your Mac remotely.