Mackeeper Premium Best Mac software to improve speed and security

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Mackeeper Premium is a universal and all in one application for Mac. The program will help you to perform a lot of operations. With the help of it you can safely get rid of unnecessary files which waste your disk space, prevent data loss, protect Mac from viruses and even theft, install the latest updates from every installed applications on time, control and manage access to your private files, and so on. Thanks to plenty of utilities, your Mac will be protected and optimized.

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Mackeeper offers the following utilities:

Disk Usage- with this utility you have the possibility to perform the fullest and the most thorough analysis of your hard drive and find out those files and folders which consume the most disk space. The program will provide you with details results, for example, files and folders which occupy more than 10 GB of disk space, and so on. Of course, after scanning and analyzing found results, you can safely delete those files and folders that you think are not necessary for you. Thanks to that tool, you will be able to find out the largest files in your hard drive quickly with just one click of the mouse.

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Duplicates Finder- it is a very useful utility with the help of which, you can find and remove duplicate files from the system. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is to click the “Scan’ button. After thorough search, the utility will provide you with the fullest result about all found duplicate files. Mackeeper Premium includes a lot of filters, so you can easily specify where to find and what to find; for example, you can add to the ignore list specific file types, and so on.

Smart Uninstaller- it is a very simple utility which allows you to remove all those applications which are no more needed for you. With the help of it, you can uninstall applications, widgets, preference panes and plugins.

Fast Cleanup- your hard drive runs out of space? Do not worry! This utility will help you to clean it and significantly increase space on your hard drive. It allows you to delete unnecessary junk files, for example, unused language translations, caches, old application, system logs, and so on. Thanks to this utility, you can safely delete gigabytes of unneeded data from your hard drive and make the system lighter and faster.

Memory Cleaner- memory optimization of your Mac is a very important task because, as a rule, a lot of memory resources are required for optimal performance of the system. This tool is really of use; it allows you to control your Mac memory and reliably clean it. With just one click of the mouse, you can significantly increase performance of your Mac.

Login Items- a lot of different services and applications are started at your mac login and many of them may greatly reduce its start. Login Items is a powerful utility which will help you to control and optimize all startup services and applications. This utility allows you to optimize the startup process of your Mac by configuring or disabling those processes which consume the most system resources.

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Update Tracker- with this utility, you can control all installed applications on your Mac and update them if any new version or patches are available. Thanks to this utility, you do not need to check for newer versions manually and download them. The utility will do it for you as soon as updates are released by software developers.

Files Finder- there is no need to search the entire Mac for finding the desired files. This utility is created to do that boring task for you fast and without wasting your time. There are a lot of pre-defined presets at your disposal. You have the possibility to sort out files by several categories (for example, video, audio, and so on) or even create your own presets (for example, you can specify the exact file name, size and extension, etc.).

Default Apps- it is a very simple utility. It allows you to associate installed applications with specific extensions, for example, you can associate multimedia files with iTunes, and so on.

Files Recovery- this utility will help you recover any file types if you accidentally deleted them. All file types are supported by the program. You can easily recover, for example, audio or video files, photos or documents, and so on. After finding all deleted files, the program will display found results and sort out them into categories, i.e. photos, audio, and so on. All you need to do is to select files for recovery and specify the storage folder. In addition, you can even preview recovered files.

Backup- of course, it is very necessary, more than that, crucial to back up all important files. This utility will help you to do that safely and reliably. The program offers only the most leading and advanced backup options and methods and it allows you to secure your system against system crash and other unpleasant situations.

Data Encryptor- this tool is very essential for all those users who want to protect sensitive and confidential files. It allows them to encrypt files and folders using the most secure encryption methods.

Shredder- This tool allows you to delete private files reliably without any chance of their recovery.

Internet Security- with this utility you will protect your Mac against online threats and viruses.

Anti-Theft- with this utility, you will be able to configure some security parameters which will help you to find stolen or lost Mac.