MacKeeper Premium, best optimization suite for Mac

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As a proud Mac user, if you thought that you were luckier than your Windows’ brethren, then you may have to start thinking again, since the OS X has its own fair share of issues. Bring in MacKeeper Premium into the equation, and you won’t have to worry about a sluggish or malfunctioning Mac anymore. With the ability to scan for any issues that plague Mac devices, as well as an Apple Certified Support Professional ready to patch up serious problems, MacKeeper Premium lets you run your Mac faster than ever before. Multiple security features and advanced system maintenance tools further enhances an already awesome product.

Available Features

The super-intuitive user interface featured in MacKeeper Premium lets you find whatever that you are looking for in an instant. Upon launch, the application displays the status of your system, including any serious issues that require instant attention. MacKeeper Premium lists all available features to the left of the window under three separate sections — Human Assistance, Security, and Advanced Tools. Human Assistance — which is unique to the Premium version of MacKeeper – lets you automatically search for issues and work with a dedicated support technician to resolve them. Security, on the other hand, features options that let you stay protected from online, offline, and real-world threats. Finally, Advanced Tools lists manual options for maintaining and optimizing your Mac.

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Fixing a Mac

While MacKeeper Premium automatically scans your Mac during startup and warns you of any serious issues that require attention, it also lets you manually scan for pertinent issues via its proprietary Find&Fix mode. Critical areas — Cleaning, Security, and Performance — are classed into categories labeled Excellent, Medium, and Serious so that you can easily identify the areas that need fixing. You can then either use the automatic fixes presented to you by the application to get your Mac up to shape, or you can request your own Apple Certified Support Professional to gain control remotely over your computer, discuss the issues with you via live chat, and have them resolved for you. Even if you just want to ask a question, you can contact a support technician instantly via the Geek on Demand feature whenever you want.

Security Features

MacKeeper Premium’s role isn’t just limited to fixing or recovering your Mac from the day-to-day issues that plague computers; it also does a terrific job at securing your Mac from both digital and real-world threats. With its Internet Security feature, you can stay safe while surfing online against sites that contain malware, phish users, install adware, etc., while a Real-Time Browsing module lets you completely block off malicious websites. Not just that, but MacKeeper Premium also features full-fledged antivirus support that actively scans your Mac for malware, where you can then ignore, delete, or quarantine detected threats. A separate Anti-Theft module provides comprehensive support with the help of automated geolocations and iSight snapshots when it comes to locating missing or stolen MacBook models.

Maintaining OS X

When it’s time to manually run maintenance on your Mac, you can do all of that easily via MacKeeper Premium itself. With access to features such as Duplicates Finder, Smart Uninstaller, Default Apps, Backup, etc., the application lets you perform a range of maintenance procedures. With the Duplicates Finder, for example, you can clean your fusion drive from duplicate files and multimedia content to gain massive storage savings. The Smart Uninstaller, on the other hand, provides comprehensive removal functionality for programs that cannot be uninstalled normally, while Default Apps lets you instantly re-pair file types with specific programs in cases of format hijacking. With Backup, you can create backups of critical files to other partitions, external drives, and cloud storages — you can also automate this procedure.

Increasing Performance

In addition to all the maintenance tools available at your disposal, MacKeeper Premium also provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to enhancing the performance of your Mac. Thanks to features such as the Memory Console, Fast Cleanup, Login Items, Update Tracker, etc., you can perform instant optimizations to the operating system. With the Memory Console and Fast Cleanup features, you can instantly check for items that take up the most memory on your Mac, and disable those that you deem as unnecessary to free up valuable memory. The Login Items module lets you check for and disable unnecessary programs to improve boot times, while the Update Tracker gives you the opportunity to run the latest versions of available apps at all times.

Should I Buy It?

Simply put, MacKeeper Premium is an application that you should buy in a heartbeat. If you are an avid Mac user who wants to keep the operating system running in top shape all the time, MacKeeper Premium lets you do that effortlessly. With features such as Find&Fix and Geek on Demand, you can even have serious issues resolved in an instant. Integrated Internet Security support transforms MacKeeper Premium into a full-fledged security suite, and the plethora of maintenance and optimization tools simply make MacKeeper Premium a truly versatile application to be using.