Mackeeper Premium Review

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Mackeeper Premium is a real treasure for those users who have got Mac operating system because it includes so many useful and required tools to optimize, clean, protect and maintain the computer. All these tools allow Mac users to keep the system in order. There are five different categories and each category provides users with the most needed and essential utilities. Mackeeper Premium offers the following categories- Privacy, Data, Control, Performance, Security and Cleaning.

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Privacy- you want to keep your confidential and private files away from unauthorized use, you can take full advantage of those two great utilities which are included in the program; they are- Data Encryptor and Shredder. The first of them Data Encryptor is an advanced utility which allows you to encrypt private data using the most advanced encryption technologies. Currently the program offers the following encryption algorithms- AES-128 and AES-256. There is no need to be afraid of being hacked by someone because these two algorithms ensure reliable protection against data theft. You can encrypt everything you think, for example, financial documents, bank accounts, website passwords and logins, and so on. The second utility Shredder, on the contrary, allows you to delete safely and reliably confidential files and folders. Thanks to using the most secure and leading shredding algorithms (Mackeeper Premium provides you with the following shredding algorithms- Single pass of random data, 7 US DoD compliant passes and 35-pass Gutmann), you can easily and safely delete any confidential data from the Mac, i.e. text documents, private videos, and so on. Files and folders deleted with the help of this tool, it is not possible to recover and use again. They will go for good.

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These two privacy tools offered by Mackeeper Premium, are very important and essential for every Mac user because they allow you to protect confidential data reliably.

Data Control- there are a lot of different files on your Mac, for example, multimedia or text files, and so on. Of course, it is very difficult to control and manage all these files. But, thanks to Mackeeper Premium, you can do that boring task easily. The program offers four utilities for controlling all files of your hard drive. They are as follows- Files Finder, Default Apps, Files Recovery and Backup.

Files Finder- with the help of this utility, you have the possibility easily and quickly to search for any files on your Mac and find them. Mackeeper Premium provides you with a lot of different pre-defined presets (for example, movies, audio, other, and so on) which allows you to find files quickly. In addition, you can also to create your own presets and specify the desired parameters for finding files, for example, creation data, file extension, file size, and so on. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to find any files effortlessly without searching for them manually.

Default Apps- as a rule, every user has got favourite applications for opening specific file extension. This utility will help you to select those programs with which you want to open specific file extension, for example, multimedia files or text files, and so on.

Files Recovery- very often you delete important files accidentally. Fortunately, now you can easily restore them without using third-party paid applications. Mackeeper Premium offers a special utility which allows you to restore accidentally deleted files even if they are removed from Trash folder. It is very easy to recover files using this utility. All you need to do is to select the desired drive and click on the “Scan” button. All found files will be conveniently grouped into several categories, for example, documents, music, video, and so on. Before recovering files, you can preview them using a special preview window. And in the first step, you should select the files you want to recover and destination folder for their recovery.

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Backup- it is a well-known fact that every user has to back up all important files to prevent their loss. Mackeeper Premium offers a Backup utility which will help you to back up important files and even the entire operating system using the most advanced backup technologies and methods. In addition, you can also schedule automatic execution of backups at specified time, for example, daily, weekly, and so on.

Performance- if you want to get the most out of your Mac performance, the tools which are included in this category are just for you; they are Login Items and Update Tracker. The first of these two tools will help you to increase your Mac boot time by removing and correct some applications started at the computer login; and the second utility will help you to control and update all installed applications on time.

Cleaning- Mackeeper Premium offers five different utilities which allows you to keep your Mac clean from unnecessary files and applications, i.e. Memory Cleaner (with this utility you can significantly improve the system memory by cleaning unneeded processes), Fast Cleanup (this utility allows you to clean the system from junk files such as temporary caches, invalid application paths, and so on), Smart Uninstaller (a very handy utility for uninstalling applications from Mac), Duplicates Finder (with the help of it, you will remove from the system duplicate files) and Disk Usage (it will show you those files which occupy the most disk space on your hard drive).

Security- it is the most important category in the program. It includes two utilities- Internet Security and Anti-theft. The first utility keeps your Mac clean from viruses in real time and the second one allows you to protect your Mac against thieves or loss.