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If you are looking for a way to to extract videos from DVD and Blu-Ray discs, convert your movies and homemade videos into formats supported by many devices, and to sync content from your mac to your iPhone and iPad, you have come to the right place.

The MacX Media Management Suite is the perfect solution for you. It is a bundle which contains 3 excellent software from Digiarty: MacX DVD Ripper Pro, MacX Video Converter Pro, and MacX MediaTrans.

Let’s see what each app can do.

MacX Media Management Suite Coupon Code

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX DVD Ripper Pro has a well designed interface, with beautiful design icons. The GUI has a toolbar, and two panes on either side of the window.

You can use the toolbar to add content to the project you are going to work on, and for this there are 3 options. You can either select the Disc option to import videos from a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, or the Image option if you have the content saved as an ISO image. The third option, Folder, is useful if you have the video files stored on your hard drive. The Clear button is useful if you selected the wrong videos, and want to start from square one.

The program’s options can be configured to set the folder location where the converted videos or snapshots can be saved. You can set the program to use all the cores of your computer’s processor, and also take advantage of hyper-threading, Intel Quick Sync Video, Nvidia NVENC Hardware acceleration too.

Once you have imported the videos to the project, a pop-up screen will appear, with many conversion profiles to choose from. These are essentially presets, which quickly allow you to select a video format, to convert the selected files into. So you can select the one you want such as MOV, MKV, AVI, MP4, H.264, MPEG, etc, each of which has its own description, along with details about the video and audio codec, resolution details, mentioned just below the name. If you are not unfamiliar with video conversion, don’t worry.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro also has device profiles, which lists several popular device brands and their phone and tablet models. So you can just select the one you want, such as the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S7, and other phones, and the program will select the format which can be played by your device.

In addition to extracting and converting videos, you can also use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to extract audio tracks from videos and save them as MP3 tracks, or to even copy an entire DVD with all its contents such as the menu, title, etc., too. And as we mentioned earlier, the program is capable of capturing screenshots from movies, so you can use them as a wallpaper. You can also select YouTube, Facebook etc as the conversion option, so the video is convereted into a format supported by the online services, and then you can upload them from your account, to share the video.

Another advantage of using this program, is that it allows you to perform basic editinf such as cutting, trimming, and merging videos. You can also use this editor, to add an external subtitle to the video, before you convert it.

MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX Video Convertor Pro sharesmost of its GUI elements with DVD Ripper Pro. But there are some differences between the two. You can use this app to add videos from an online service like YouTube, and it will download the video, and then convert it. And yes, MacX Video Convertor Pro functions as a video downloader too.

The other key difference between the two apps is that, MacX Video Convertor Pro can be used for importing photos, and use the images to create a slideshow. You can add JPG, PNG and BMP pictures to the app, throw in a music track, and your slideshow movie is ready to be saved as an MP4, AVI, FLV, etc.

MacX Media Management Suite Coupon Code

MacX Video Convertor Pro can be used to convert DVD, Blu-Ray Discs, and basically every known video format, in to one of the following formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, H.264/MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MOV, RM, RMVB, VOB, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, QT, Google TV, WebM, VPX 8. And it can save the audio tracks from videos in to MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, etc,.

MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans is an app which out performs Apple’s iTunes by allowing you to sync content seamlessly with ease. You can use this app to manage content on your Mac, iPhone and iPad devices. Plug in the iOS device via USB to your Mac, and you are good to go. MacX MediaTrans has a very different GUI than the other two apps, but its design is also very beautiful. It has 7options or tools: Photo Transfer, Music Manager, Video Manager, Book, Voice and Ringtone, Flash Drive and Remove DRM.

MacX Media Management Suite Coupon Code

Photo Transfer allows you to view thumbnails of the pictures you have on your device, and lets you manage them, i.e., you can add, delete, or export them to and from your Mac. Likewise, MusicManager lists your audio tracks, their duration and lets you create playlists with ease, and if you want to create longer playlists than iTunes allows, it can do that too.

Video Manager lets you manage your videos in a similar way, but also has a bonus feature, in that it can convert your videos from any format to an iPad or iPhone compatible one. This helps you save storage space, by reducing the size of large movies, by up to 50% without loss in the quality.

The Books tab can be used for managing ePub, PDF and Audio Books. The Voice and Ringtone tab is where you can manage recorded audio clips from, and to create ringtones from your music tracks. You can use it to create multiple ringtones at once, by batch adding music tracks.

Each of the above tabs displays thumbnails of their content, the file size and the file name. There is a storage meter which can be used to check how much of the total storage space on your device is used, how much free space remains, and also view the space used by items which you select.

The Flash Drive tab in MacX MediaTrans allows you to turn your iOS device into a USB storage device, this enabling you to copy and carry any file type on it. Remove DRM, can be used to delete restrictions on content which you paid for, such as music, videos, books etc, which allows you to access them on any device or app.

Every tab in MacX MediaTrans has an export button, which can be used to backup the data in it to your Mac.

The user friendliness of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, MacX Video Converter Pro, and MacX MediaTrans along with the unique and powerful features they offer make the MacX Media Management Suite, a must have for any multimedia fan.

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