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Do you have an iPad or an iPhone and a macOS machine? Then it is likely that you are using iTunes to constantly sync your data between your devices. Is that really efficient though? For music, maybe, but it really is not the best.

At least not as good as Digiarty’s MacX MediaTrans. This app allows you to manage content on your iPhone and iPad using your mac computer. This app does not require iTunes to work with your mac machine, but as you know it is of Apple’s key apps, and is already available as part of macOS. So, all you have to do to use MacX MediaTrans, is simply plug your iPhone or iPad to your mac computer, and run the program.

MacX MediaTrans Coupon Code


MacX MediaTrans can transfer all kinds of media, be it photos, videos, music, to your Apple devices. Additionally it can also be used for backing up photos, creating new ringtones, and even transform your phone or tablet into a USB storage device, like a flash drive.

It can also convert MKV videos to iPhone iPad videos, so you can watch the movies on the go. And these videos are up to 50% smaller in size, so you can carry more movies with you. The best part is that the converted videos are in lossless format.

Let’s take a look at the app then, shall we? MacX Media Transfer has a beautifully designed interface, with lovely icons.

The main screen has 7 options:

  • Photo Transfer
  • Music Manager
  • Video Manager
  • Book
  • Voice and Ringtone
  • Flash Drive
  • Remove DRM

MacX Media Transfer’s Photo Transfer tab as the name clearly hints, is used to manage the pictures you have on your mac and iOS devices. This screen has two panes, the one on the left edge, is the navigation pane, where you can browse through your albums. The large pane on the right side, is where you can view the thumbnails of the pictures in the selected folder. You can use this screen to sort the view of the thumbnails, or to export, add or delete photos too.

MacX MediaTrans Coupon Code

You can also see the total used storage space of your device in the bottom of the screen. Likewise, you can see the total number of selected items, and their total size too.

Hit the sync button on the bottom right corner to sync the folder between the mac machine and the connected iOS device.

The Music Manager in MacX Media Transfer works similar to the Photo Transfer tab, except it is for managing audio tracks. You can use it to export or add music to the connected device, or edit the music track’s info, or delete songs. This screen can also be used for checking the artist information of every song, searching for songs, checking the duration of songs too. You can create, delete, and edit playlists, beyond the limit which iTunes normally allows.

And just like the Music Manager, the Video Manager in the app lets you view and manage videos on the device. All videos are displayed with their title, file size, and duration, along with a thumbnail preview.

You can use the video tab, to convert the videos which you have, to one supported by your iPhone or iPad., regardless of the original video format, be it MP4, M4V, MOV files, or MKV, AVI, FLV etc. This also helps in reducing the size to free up storage space on your device. If you want to make a portrait video in to landscape, or vice versa, you will be happy to know that MacX MediaTrans does this with its auto rotate feature.

The Book Manager in the app, is of course for viewing, syncing, importing ebooks which are in PDF, EPUB, Audiobook formats to and from your device. And just like with the other tabs, you can view the title thumbnail of the ebook, its name, and the filesize on this screen.

The Voice and Ringtone tab in MacX MediaTrans, can be used for viewing, and managing voice recordings (voice memos), which you have made, podcasts, and to create ringtones from your favorite songs, to your device in just a matter of seconds. The best part is that it supports batch files too, so you can have as many ringtones as you want quickly.

The Flash Drive tab is an unusual one, and does something which iTunes cannot do. You can use this feature to turn your iPad or iPhone to a USB storage device. That is, by using this tab, you can literally store any file type on the device, even if it is not something that will work on iOS. Say for example, an EXE of a Windows program or a DMG file for macOS. And for ease of use, you can simply drag the file or folder you wish to copy on to the MacX MediaTrans interface, and it will be copied to the connected device.

Now, you remember us telling you that you can backup your files from your iPhone or iPad to the Mac, right? Where is this option? Every single tab in MacX MediaTrans has an export option, which is basically the backup files to your mac option. Simple to use, isn’t it?

A lot of media content such as music, videos, TV shows, and Audio books are DRM locked, meaning you cannot use them with other apps or devices. But MacX MediaTrans’ Remove DRM feature, can delete the DRM restriction which allows you to use the content which you paid for, on any device.

MacX MediaTrans is easy to use, and is a much more efficient way to transfer files to and from your iOS devices than Apple iTunes can. Its sync feature retains the media files both on your iPhone and Mac, so there is no data loss at all.

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