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Editing videos is no walk in the park. It requires a lot of manual effort, and some skill to work with the videos. You have to check the media timeline, pause each frame, make changes, mute and mix audios, etc, and then have to sit down and work on the format you want to save the video in, the codec, resolution, etc. It is a very complex process, to say the very least. But this only applies to video converters and video editing software which you use with movies and videos of very long duration.

MAGIX Fastcut Coupon Code

Let’s say you have a small camera like a GoPRO, or some handy camera, you are likely to use that to record smaller videos, right? Is there a simpler software which you can use for editing videos taken with such cameras?

There is indeed, and it is called MAGIX Fastcut. But unlike the company’s Movie Edit Pro, Fastcut is very user friendly.

When you run the program, you will be given an option to create a new video project or load an existing one. Unsaved projects are remembered by the program and will be displayed in the startup spalsh screen too.

MAGIX FastCut has a very good interface, with simple options for navigating through the GUI. The left part of the start screen is where you will select the source, i.e., the drive, and the folder where the video you wish to edit is stored. You can use the three icons for refreshing the list, browsing the folders, and selecting all the videos in the selected folder.

If you select a folder which has video files in it, MAGIX Fastcut will display the thumbnails of the videos directly in the GUI.

Select a video, and hit the play button in the right portion of the GUI, to play the video, in the small media player window right there. You can pause the video and preview it frame by frame here before you edit it.

Speaking of which, you may want to save a copy of the video to the hard drive using the option below the video player, or if you are confident that you won’t wreck it, simply proceed by selecting the Edit directly button.

If you select the Continue button, you will be taken to the Template window in MAGIX Fastcut, which has a lot of pre-loaded video templates which have cool effects and music built right in. You can preview each of these by selecting the template and hitting the play button on the right, and play it frame by frame similar to how you did with the previous screen.

You can use the timer option on the bottom of the player to limit the video’s duration. The preview with your own clip mix button is intriguing, as it mixes the music from the selected template with the video you chose, to create an awesome short movie mix.

On the template screen, you will see a very important option, which says “Create your own template”. You can use this to create your own template and use it for future video editing purposes.

Hit the Create Movie option to begin editing your movie. This is the main video editor, which the program is designed for.

The top left corner of the screen has the video player/previewer window. Below this is a seek bar which you can use for jumping through the frames in the video. Use it by dragging the marker with the mouse for pin pointing the position. And below this is are a set of controls which can be used for playing the video, pausing, jumping back or forward to a time position of the video.

There is an undo and redo button for shifting through the changes you make, and what changes you ask? Well, you can use the bars on either end of the video for setting the length of the video, and the marker on top of the seek bar to set the point up to which you want to edit the video. Then, you will be able to use the three main options for trimming the video. The scissors icon with the x is for deleting the video portion, to the left of the marker’s time postiion. The normal scissors icon can cut a selected portion at the marker’s position. The X icon cuts the object between the markers. There is a timer at the end of the end of the editing bar, which shows the duration of the video.

Just below the preview pane is a portion, which shows the portions of the videos which you have trimmed. You can use this to edit them individually.

Now, coming to the right portion of the screen, this is where you can add various customizations to the video. You can add a title and text to it, adjust various parameters like optimizing the lens correction, rotation, image stabilization, color, speed, etc. There are templates for the Adjust and Title and Text options, which you use for quickly editing videos. The Audio panel lets you disable the original sound, or manage the volume levels of the sound and the background music as well as optimization options for voice, music, etc. Finally, there are transition options, which you can ad to the video to make it look cool with animated effects.

MAGIX Fastcut Coupon Code

You can import the following video formats: (DV-)AVI, MPEG-1, M(2)TS/AVCHD, MXV, MOV, WMV(HD), H.264 and MPEG-4. And the videos, which you have edited with Magix Fastcut can be saved in the MPEG-4 format.

Since MAGIX Fastcut is a video editing software, you will need a fairly decent computer with at least 4GB of RAM, an onboard or dedicated graphics card, and a multi-core processor with a clock speed of 2 GHz, for optimal performance.

You can upload the videos to many video and social neworks like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and Whatsapp. That’s not all, MAGIX FastCut is available for free for Android tablets and smartphones, with which you can record videos, and edit them, while you are on the go.

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