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We all shoot videos on our phones, and cameras. Everything from parties, funny moments, your best cooking, special pet moments, etc are some of the examples of the most commonly shot videos.

But the videos which we shoot are not always perfect. People may walk in and out of the picture, there could be some audible disturbances. This kind of ruins the whole video. And that is the reason why we edit them out.

The easiest way for editing, is to cut a video and join it from the next frame. It requires a bit of precision, for non-noticeable finish. So it is clear, editing a video is not as easy as it sounds. You need it to be perfect, right? Of course you want it to. Now, what kind of software do you need for editing a video? An equally perfect video editor.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium Coupon Code

Look no further, and say hi to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium. Just why we like it so much, to recommend it to you, is what we are going to answer in this review of the program.

MAGIX Movie Edit has a well designed interface, which has a dark theme. There is a menubar on the top of the interface, along with a set of buttons on either edge of the bar.

The buttons on the left edge allow you to open a new project, an existing one, and save an existing one. The File menu allows you to do the same in addition to managing movies, exporting movies to Avi, DV-AVI, MPEG, MAGIX, Quicktime, or as JPEG AVI, MPEG-4, HEVC, video formats, or as MP3 or WAV audio formats.

You can also use it for recording audio, video, importing audio tracks from CDs too. The file menu can be used for batch converting movies, and for burning content to CDs and DVDs. Yoiu can also upload your movies directly to Vimeo’s video service, and also browse Catooh Media MarketPlace and MAGIX Online World from this section. The file menu has one very useful option, which allows you to back up copies of your projects, for safekeeping.

The Edit menu can be used for undoing changes you made or redoing them, and basic object edits such as cut, copy, paste, along with options for duplicating, deleting, selecting all objects, scene editing, grouping and ungrouping objects, combining audio, video, etc. You can also use it for working with multiple cameras which supports up to four camera positions , set markers for editing, and for rendering previews.

The Effects menu allows you to add various effects to movies and audios with the help of many available effects, presets, etc, It is handy for editing the brightness and contrast, color, distortion, sharpness, speed, etc. It even allows you to rotate, mirror the videos, adjust its position, angle and more.

The Window menu can be used for toggling several parts of the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro interface. You can even use it to work with a multi-monitor set up.

The Share menu lets you upload videos to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, or upload images to Shutterfly, and send videos with Send Anywhere. The latter, is the wireless file transfer option in the program, using which you can send videos from your smartphone or tablet to Movie Edit Pro. The Share menu, also lets you dub a movie’s audio with MAGIX Music Maker, or edit photos with the company’s Photo Designer applications. You can save backups to local disks and external media.

Now the icons on the right edge of the bar can be used for accessing Catooh, and for switching to the disc project editor, and disc burning editor interfaces. The former is the main editor GUI of the program.

Speaking of which, the left portion of the screen in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium, has a video player window. This is the video monitor, where you view the video, and edit it frame by frame. You can switch to full-screen view for better controls, or zoom in to a size which is usable for your monitor. The icons beneath the video player are for controlling the playback options, to set marker positions for editing, recording the video or audio, etc. If you load a video which is of a larger resolution than the one you have set in the video project, the program will offer to auto-adjust it accordingly for you.

The panel below this playback bar, also has shortcut icons, but they are for editing purposes. You can undo and redo changes you have made, delete portions you do not want, add a title to the video, and trim portions by splitting the video between two positions, which you have selected. You can use the timeline view on the bottom of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium, for precise navigation between frames, for advanced and accurate editing.

Now we move to the right half of the screen, in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium. This section has four tabs: Import, Fades, Title, and Effects.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium Coupon Code

The import tab allows you to add videos and audio to the program’s editor, from your computer, or any external storage device. The Fades tab, as the name so obviously indicates, allows you to add various transition effects to your videos. There are 3D effects to choose from as well.

The Title tab can be used for adding a title menu and effects you your video DVD or CD. There are built in templates which can be iued, but you have customization controls over the font size, style, colors, etc. The effects tab in the application has presets, video effects, animations, audio effects, etc which you can use in your video.

The plethora of editing features, together with the user friendly interface is what makes MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium, an invaluable tool. We loved working with it, and hope you will too.

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