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Music is without a doubt the best way to relax. Anyone can listen to music , anywhere nowadays, thanks to the advent of smartphones. But what about making the music which people love?

You still need a proper musical instrument, and aof course a music studio right? And this is not going to be cheap, is it?

What if there was a simpler way? One which is not only cost efficient, but will not require high end equipment, or even a studio environment to work in. That is absolutely possible, thanks to Magix Music Maker Premium.

Why do we recommend it so highly? Let’s find out.

Magix Music Maker Premium has a delightfully pleasant graphical user interface. It makes it very easy to use the software, regardless of whether you are a beginner, or an intermediate musician.

When you run Magix Music Maker, the program will offer you to create a new project, or load a project which you have saved previously, or to load a demo song. You can also download add-on packages for the program for free. You can choose to ignore this, and work on a new project too.

The interface is divided into several bars and tabs. The primary toolbar on the very top of the interface has a combination of icons and text shortcuts. The first three icons are used for creating , opening and saving projects. The gears icon allows you to configure the settings of Magix Music Maker Premium.

The File menu option in addition to saving and loading projects, allows you to import audio tracks, and video recordings, while the export option can save audio and video files in various formats, burn audio to CD, and photos to BMP and JPG. You can use the Xtreme Print Studio to make labels and covers for your music and movie CDs and DVDs, and also for creating slideshows and title images.

The Edit menu option allows you to undo and restore changes which you have made. You can also use it for creating, cutting, copying, duplicating, deleting and inserting objects from the editor. Likewise, you can add new tracks, edit the ranges, and navigate to specific time positions in the editor.

The Effects menu is useful for adding cool sound effects using the Magix Song Maker. It also houses several options for adding audio effects, adjust the volume, pitch & tempo, remix audio objects. It is by no means limited to sounds, and can be used for adding video effects, titles to videos, and automated effects too.

The View menu option can be used for changing the layout of the interface, and also for disabling certain elements in the GUI. This is good if you want only a certain set of tabs without distractions.

The Share menu in the program, allows you to publish your finished projects online via Magix Online Album, and third party services, such as YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, or via email. You can also burn content to audio CDs and DVDs using this menu.

The icons to the right edge of the menu bar, can be used for editing operations. But there is an even quicker way, which of course, is to use keyboard shortcuts. You can view the list of shortcuts available in Magix Music Maker Premium, by tapping the U key, and also change the shortcuts as per your usage.

The large timeline view you see below the menubar, is the sound editor. It covers the left pottion of the screen and most of the middle part too. This is where you can add sound tracks, mute portions you don’t want, add effects, crop the track’s duration, etc. There is a playback control right below the timeline, which allows you to play, pause, loop playback the file you are working with. You can also record your own sound effects and work with it too. You can customize the recording quality, volume balance, etc from the settings button here.

The clock window shows the length and time position of the track easily. Next to it, are buttons for adding fade in/out effects, the video monitor and the Live Pads, which can be used for recording audio and mixing them with many available preset effects.

Below the timeline window are a set of tabs. These allow you to access the built-in keyboard with all the keys in it marked for ease of use. New players may find it easy to learn using it too.  You can navigate through the entire keys using the navbar on top of the keyboard, and adjust its settings accordingly.

The templates tab, is useful for adding presets using the Audio FX, Vintage FX, Live Pads, Title, Video Fxm Visuals. The third tab is the Object Inspector, which allows quick access to the properties of the selected object.

To the right edge, by default you have a large pane, called the Media Panel. It consists of four tabs: Loops, Instruments, File Manager, and Store.

The Loops tab lets you select looped music, such as bass, brass, drums, etc which can be used in a as a background score like a drum beat for example. There are loads of loops to choose from, and if you want even more, there is a store tab where you can buy more loops from. The instruments tab, has looped music from various instruments which can be used in your tracks. The File manager tab can be used for browsing through your computer’s folders, and add tracks from it to the software.

You can simply drag & drop the music in the arranger, to make your own music and create a beautiful melody with it. The amount of customizations you can make with this program is remarkable. And everybody will love the sound of Magix. See what I did there?

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