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Are you a photographer or a hobbyist photographer? Or do you simply have hundreds of photos in your collection? Everybody is a photographer nowadays, thanks to smartphones, we have a camera which we can carry around in our pocket.

From photos of cakes and food, to pets, family, and friends, and vacation places, every photo is truly a nostalgic piece of memory. But, as time progresses, our photo collection is ever expanding, and as a result it becomes unmanageable, quite literally.

It takes q

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe Coupon Code

uite a bit of manual effort, to organize your photos in to different folders, like Office Party, Boat Trip, etc. And of course if you want to view the photos in a categorized and sorted manner, like for example, chronologically by the year, it is even more difficult. The thing is, it becomes a tedious task both in terms of time, and effort.

That is why we use a software which can be used to efficiently manage your collection of photos, and in an easy way too. Say hi to Magix Photo Manager Deluxe.

Why is the best photo organizer ever? Let’s explore the features of the program, to answer that question.

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe has a very well designed interface, which is optimized for screen space. There are two themes to choose from, the Dark theme, which is the default, and the Bright theme, which we are using. You can change between the two themes from the File menu.

Speaking of which, the menu options are available at the top of the program’s GUI, with several menus for accessing the core functionalities of the software.

The File menu can be used for creating new photo albums, load an existing one and save albums. IT can also be used for creating new folders, and ravel routes, which is very interesting , as it allows you to view a map of your travel from a source place to your destination, and view it in an animated manner. This looks like a line which follows the waypoints you select, and looks really cool. You can customize it with the various available options, and preview them from within the program. The final work can be saved as a video or an image.

You can also use the File menu to scan photos from an external device, export photo albums, burn CD and DVDs too. Magix Photo Designer and Magix Print Studio, which are standalone programs used for editing images and printing photos can be accessed from the File menu, and you can also switch to the Advanced Mode of Magix Photo Manger Deluxe from the same place.

The Edit menu also allows you to create, load and save photo albums, and can send photos to the Magix Online Album, or Export them (photos or album) to your mobile device. It allows you to find similar photos to the ones you have selected. It can also create travel routes, and correct file dates, and can be used for selecting all photos from a folder, which makes it easier for creating albums.

The Database menu options allow you to search quickly for photos stored in the database of Magix Photo Manager Deluxe. Databases are generated and saved in the proprietary format, for quickly loading the albums and photos which the program has detected on your hard drive. Backup copies can be used for reverting to a previous state, after changes were made. You can use the database menu for add folders, monitor a folder for changes, optimize the database, print export the database, view the database’s statistics (how many audio, video files are in the database, the storage space they take, etc).

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe offers some security options by letting you backing them up your photos and albums to a CD or DVD to prevent data loss, and you can also add a password to protect archived copies of the photos.

The Window menu can be used for using the Slideshow monitor, and the volume and equalizer options. You can force Magix Photo Manager Deluxe to stay on top, while you work with it, to prevent other programs overlapping the GUI.

You can easily share the albums which you create online using the Magix Online Album, and via third party services like YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc or even through email, or create Slideshows from the Share menu.

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe Coupon Code

The Tasks Menu option can be used for importing photos to your database, organize photos by creation date, keywords, similar images, search for faces using the built-in facial recognition option, optimize photos, videos, etc, for archiving databases, burn slideshows CDS and DVDs, add passwords to photos. In addition to this it also allows you to watch a photo series as a slideshow, send photos via email, print photos and albums, burn jpeg discs to watch on your TV, design online albums, etc.

Below the menu bar are a set of icons, which act as shortcuts for some of the most important features, in the program.

The first option, import lets you add photos to the current database. The Selection tool lets you create a representative collection, by searching the images for typical photos, or scan photos and recognize photos. Pr for finding duplicate and similar motifs in photos. This is a very useful feature in Magix Photo Manager Deluxe, which makes it truly invaluable as it scan save you a ton of time, which otherwise would have been wasted if you had organized the photos manually.

The Export tool can be used for exporting a photo album, while the Print, Burn, Slideshow and Online Album utilities can be used for printing, burning photos to discs, creating slideshows for viewing images in full screen, storing images on the cloud and for viewing using the pictures through the myphotobook application ,etc.

The left sidebar in Magix Photo Manager Deluxe can be used for navigating through your folders, like Windows File Explorer, and for switching to the Photos & Videos, Calendar, Categories, Database, Albums, File Information views. The Previe/Media Player is especially useful for viewing photos and videos without leaving the program.

The large pane on the right is used not just for navigation, but can also display thumbnail previews of your media files, and allows you to create and manage your albums. The bar above it can be used for quickly searching for photos, navigation, and sorting the view. The bar on the bottom can be used for zooming the thumnail view, sharpening the display, rotating the photos, etc.

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe is by far the best, most easy to use photo organizer which we have used, in spite of being spectacularly feature rich.

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