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A picture can say a thousand words, but a slideshow can saw million, right? That’s sort of the truth really. Imagine sharing a set of photos with your friends, or family. You explain when the photos were taken, what happened when the photo was clicked, etc.

Let’s say you were at a picnic, and your friend John dropped a piece of cake on Joe’s head, and you snapped the picture at that exact moment. This is a humorous photo to share right? But the people who see the picture, may not be able to experience the joke, as they would have if they had been there themselves. The same can be said of a breath taking photo of a waterfall, or a magnificent forest.

Now, instead of clicking one picture and explaining about the photo, what if you could showcase them like a slideshow? That would be an amazing way to share photos. But what if the slideshow was accompanied by some music?

Can your slideshow maker do that? No, but MAGIX Photostory Deluxe can. What else can it do? Let’s see.

When you open the program, you will be prompted to create a new photostory, start an empty project, load an existing project, or view a tutorial. The textbox allows you to assign a name for your slideshow project.

Clicking on the gear icon or more options, brings up some useful features. The first option allows you to crop photos to fill the entire frame, change the aspect ratio to 16:9, start manual editing in the timeline mode, copy all media in the project folder, and to select the folder where the project itself will be saved.

Selecting either of the three options (new photostory, start an empty project, load an existing project), will bring the editor interface of MAGIX Photostory Deluxe. The top of the program’s interface has a menubar with the following options: File, Edit, Effects, Share and Help.

The file menu can be used for opening, saving projects, and managong slideshows. You can also use it for importing, aka, adding files from a folder. You can add files manually to the photostory by dragging and dropping the files, to the timeline view. Also, you can multi-select photos and videos, by holding down the shift key, just like you would do with the File Explorer in Windows, to add the files to your photostory. That’s right, you can use the program with videos, and audio files too.

While it is best to use the software with the mouse, you can use the keyboard’s arrow keys for navigating, and the space bar for selecting files.

You can use the file menu for scanning images from an input device, or for adding pictures from a camera. The menu can also export files in various video and image formats (BMP, JPEG, AVI, MPEG, HEVC, etc). It also allows you to take backup copies of projects, which you can optionally save in to a folder on your PC, or on to a CD or DVD. If you have other MAGIX programs installed on your PC, you can run them from the file menu, and edit your photos and videos, with them.

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe Coupon Code

The Edit menu has options for redoing and undoing the edits you did, and also lets you copy, cut, paste, delete content which you do not want and also access the Photostory Assistant, Slideshow Maker, Soundtrack Maker, to name a few.

The Effects menu is mainly focused on image optimization, animation, transition, and other effects like panoramas, picture-in-picture, portrait effects, etc. The Share menu lets you post your YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Shutterfly, online services. You can dub slideshows, edit movies, embed a photo in a video, add photos to collections form this menu. It also allows you to edit a photo.

The large pane in the left edge of the screen, is the video player, or to be precise. The default slideshow preview player. You have a time seeking bar, which you can use to jump to a specific position, and use the playback controls for pausing, jumping back/forward, to view the time position of the video currently playing.

You can zoom in and out of the view, switch to fullscreen mode from this player. Just below the player is a toolbar rich in editing controls. You can use it for quickly trimming the video in your slideshow, undo/redo changes, delete portions of the video, cut, copy, insert a portion of a video, add a title to the slideshow, add a background, use automatic image effects, set markers for editing.

The shortcuts on the right edge, lets you optimize the timeline view, zoom, and switch to the Storyboard View. The timeline view on the bottom of the screen can be used for adding files and folders by drag and drop, and also for viewing each frame of the video for precision editing. The right half of the screen, has two sections: a large pane, and a small sidebar.

The sidebar has four tabs in it: File browser, Title,Transitions and fx. The filebrowser tab allows you to import video, images, and audio files to the slideshow, from your computer, as well as from MAGIX’s other software, as well as use movie templates for quick editing. The Title tab can be used for adding a title to your slideshow, aka photostory, using pre-built templates, 3D templates, or manually create a new one. You can use the transitions menu for adding cool animation effects, when a slide changes to a new picture. For adding cool effects to the photos like adjusting the color, brightness, sharpness, distortion, etc, you can use the fx tab.

Add comical sound effects to a funny photostory, and bring your photos to life with MAGIX Photostory Deluxe. Impress your friends and family with a brilliant well designed slideshow. Its user friendliness, the excellent interface design play a factor in MAGIX Photostory Deluxe being a quality piece of software.

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