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What is the biggest problem with emails? If you answered spam, you are absolutely correct. Despite being careful about opening mails from unknown sources, many users fall victim to scams, phishing and other attacks, just because the email was in their inbox folder, instead of the junk folder, or spam folder.

Even the best email service providers do not have the best spam detection methods. You can try setting up filters to try and catch spam before they arrive in your inbox, but attackers have evolved and so have their methods, so their fake and scammy mails land right in your inbox.

Desktop email clients offer some good workarounds for this issue, as many of them support plugins or addons, and have good security settings. But they are not the best at blocking spam, not as a dedicated application can.

So, what exactly do we do to deal with this issue, in a more efficient manner. We suggest using MailWasher Pro for this. Here’s why.

Once you install MailWasher Pro, and run it for the first time, the program will automatically detect the email accounts which you have added in your mail client. In this case we used Mozilla Thunderbird, and three email addresses, each from a different email service provider (Gmail, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Outlook). MailWasher also detected the type of server used (POP3/IMAP), the server addresses, etc perfectly. This process really impressed us, as we didn’t have to do anything to get the program up and running.

The next step is to select the email program which you have installed, and there are some important settings which you must choose. You need to disable the automatic checking of emails in your email client, and also disable the option to leave email on the server. This may sound contrary, but this is essential for MailWasher to work.

How? You see, MailWasher has to scan the emails for malicious content, and it can’t do that if the mails are stored on the servers which it has no access to, right? And if your mail client downloads the email, before the mail was processed by MailWasher Pro, then it essentially makes the very purpose of spam blocking, a null process.And since your emails have to go through the scanner in MailWasher, you will be prompted to authenticate the programs to access your email accounts. This is a one time set up, after which MailWasher will begin securing your emails.

The application uses the default browser in Windows, to sign in to your email account securely, and in Windows 10, MailWasher uses Microsoft Edge. MailWasher Pro has a well designed interface, which is quite user friendly. The GUI consists of 4 tabs and a toolbar. The tabs in the interface are: Inbox, Recycle Bin, Settings, and Errors.

The Inbox tab is the main screen of the program. It has three buttons on the screen: Check Mail. Wash Mail, and an icon of your email program, for example Outlook or Thunderbird.

MailWasher Pro can also protect your computer from malware, because it does not store the emails locally or even downloads them. Everything that MailWasher deletes, views, scans is all done on your email service provider’s server. Your emails are only downloaded to your computer, when you access them with your email client.

Hit the Check Mail button to begin, and MailWasher Pro will download the email and display it in the same tab. This includes both safe mails, and spam mails. To indicate the status of your emails, the program marks them as good, spam, blacklist, friend, etc, using the filter settings which is the key feature in MailWasher Pro.There are check boxes beside each mail listed in the Inbox tab, and you can also see the sender’s name, the subject line, the time and date when it was sent, and the email address to which it was sent to.

Don’t worry about missing emails when you have the email Client disabled. MailWasher Pro will display a small pop up notification near the system tray in Windows, to highlight how many emails have arrived. It also plays a sound to ensure you don’t miss the emails.

The program uses color coding for your convenience, in that the messages which are marked in red are spam, and messages which are safe, are green. How does it do this? MailWasher Ori has some built in filter lists for blocking messages from known spammers, bots, etc. But you can also train the program to function in a better way.

Let’s say it didn’t detect a spam mail, but you noticed it in the Inbox tab, click on the thumbs down button next to the mail to flag it as spam. Or if a good mail is detected as neither good nor bad, hit the thumbs up button, to tell MailWasher Pro it is a safe email. This helps the program learn which mail is good, and which is spam. You can also right click on an email and add the sender to the friends list, or blacklist.

Clicking on an email displays part of the mail’s content, in the lower pane of the Inbox tab. You can select any mail you wish to delete as spam, by clicking the check box. Once you are done selecting all the spam mails, click the Wash Mail button. This will purge all the spam mails, and when the program has finished the washing process, you can safely open your email client and read the good messages.

MailWasher Pro is an excellent way to keep your email client and your computer devoid of spam, viruses, and other malicious content. It can’t get any more simpler than this. There is a free version with limited features, give it a try before going pro.

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