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Malware Hunter Pro Coupon Code

If you are looking for a light weight antivirus, you have come to the right place. Nobody likes a slow antivirus software, not only in terms of scanning speed, but also the general resource usage while you work on the computer, or play a game, or watch a movie.

Unfortunately, many antivirus applications suffer issues like these. When you boot your PC, it is slow to start, when you open an application it takes several seconds to respond, and you occasionally run into temporary freezes, after which the PC recovers.

This is not the case, when you use a light and speedy antivirus program, like the one we would like to recommend you one we were impressed with. Let’s say hello to Malware Hunter Pro, a great antivirus from Glarysoft, of Glary Utilities fame.

Malware Hunter Pro has a dual scanner engine, one called Cloudscan from Glarysoft, and one from a renowned antivirus company, Avira. That’s right, you get the power of two, in a single package.

Before we dive in to the features, let’s take a closer look at the interface. The GUI of Malware Hunter Pro is modern, and has a light theme. The interface uses a minimalistic design comprising of a sidebar, and a large pane. When you select an element on the side panel, the pane changes to display the options corresponding to the selected tab.

There are 4 panes on the sidebar: Virus Scan, Speedup, Cleanup and Settings.

The Virus Scan tab has 3 options: Quick Scan, Full Scan and a Custom Scan. The quick scan is a fast paced scanner which scans the system’s startup items, drivers, common applications, the Windows registry and some key areas of the operating system.

The Full Scan checks your entire hard drive for malware, while the custom scan will only analyze the files and folders for malware.

You can optionally enable the settings to automatically resolve detected threats and turn off the computer, and to disable auto sleep mode.

When a scan has been completed, Malware Hunter Pro displays a summary of the scan, such as the number of threats found, resolved, total files scanned, and the time taken for the scan to finish. You can optionally view a log of the scan for detailed information and save a copy of the log as a text file for analysis. Logs are also available for scans of downloaded files, file protection, behaviour blocking and updates done by Malware Hunter Pro.

The Quarantine tab on the Virus Scan tab’s right pane let’s you view the malware detected by the antivirus, and also can be used to delete a file or restore a detection if you think it is a false positive. The Trust List option, can be used for whitelisting files from being detected as malware.

Let’s inspect the Settings tab, here you will find controls for the antivirus’ active protection such as what action should be taken when a threat has been identified, the types of files which will be monitored, notification settings and self protection settings for Malware Hunter Pro, which can be used to prevent viruses from disabling it.

The Virus scan settings can be tweaked to schedule regular automatic scans, which will run at a time, and day of your choosing. You can also manage the Trust List and Block List from this tab.

You might have noticed that there are three icons in the bottom right corner of the Virus Scan’s pane. These are for the Cloudscan, the Avira AntiVir engine, and the USB Protect engine. The latter two are toggles, as in you can manually disable them. The USB Protect option can be used to protect your PC from threats in Flash drives, external hard drives, etc.

The application is actually more than just an antivirus, you can use it to improve the speed of your PC.

Malware Hunter Pro Coupon Code

The Speedup tab allows you to manage the startup items, scheduled tasks, application services, system services which run during Windows Boot, and the plug-ins you have on the PC. You can also optimize the network performance using the settings here.

Malware Hunter Pro has a desktop widget called PC Booster, which can be used to run the Quick Cleanup tool The search box here can be used to instantly find files and folders on your computer, while the two buttons allow you to view the recently used documents and programs. The menu button here lets you run the Deep Speedup, Cleanup and Virus Scan tools. You can change the theme of the application, and access the program’s settings from this menu.

The Cleanup tab in Malware Hunter Pro can scan and fix issues in the Windows Registry, Junk files in Windows Temporary Files, browsing data and other personal information from your web browsers and applications, and also cleanup data from plug-ins. Malware Hunter Pro can be set to automatically update itself, display the boot time after the startup from the Settings tab.

Clicking on the program’s icon, the shield in the banner, displays the status of each of the protection modules such as the Internet protection, and toggles for System protection modules USB Drives, Registry, scan file when saved, use Avira Scan Engine, Scan File when opened.

You can use the system tray icon of Malware Hunter to quickly access the settings, quarantine, logs, check and update, or to toggle the silent mode. Malware Hunter Pro can also be used as a companion antivirus with your existing security products, and they should run without any conflicts. You can manage or view your license and the program’s version number from the bottom left of the sidebar.

Try the free version of Malware Hunter, which does not have real-time protection, before you buy the premium version with all features included in it. We found the pro version to perform well without impacting our computer, even with multiple programs running alongside it.

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