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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is what we rely on for securing our computers. Any good PC technician worth his salt, will tell you that Malwarebytes is the one they prefer, for disinfecting systems which have some infections on them.

But of course, you can use the program to prevent malware in the first place, like an antivirus. It is even better though, because of the superior real-time protection that it offers. Malwarebytes defends other applications, including web browsers, with its anti-exploit shied, to block malware attacks which may target the vulnerabilities in the programs.

The anti-ransomware shield in Malwarebytes detects new threats, by actively checking the process which are running, to see if they are in any modifying the system in a suspicious manner, and blocks them. So, even before these zero-day threats have been classified as a specific malware, the program stops them.

Potentially Unwanted Programs which are often skipped by antivirus scanners, are also checked for in Malwarebytes, which is good, because you never know if any of those will be tracking you or install some toolbar in your web browser.

The exclusive features in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, apart from the ransomware and exploit prevention, are the web blocker and the automated updates and scans. The web blocker monitors network connections to prevent all malicious servers which your programs may try to communicate with, including phishing, infected, adware website., etc.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is fully automated in that it downloads the latest version of the program when it is released, and also keeps the malware database updated every day. The program will run scans on a schedule which is pre-defined. You can set your own schedules, and select the type of scan which you want the application to run.

And thanks to the user-friendly interface, manual scans are easy to run too. You can select them either from the program’s GUI, or by using the context-menu item, in the right-click menu in Windows File Explorer. So, if you plug a flash drive to the PC, you can right click the drive and scan it with Malwarebytes, to prevent infections.