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Running a company involves a lot of team effort. Everything from training, working on projects. Inter-departmental communication, and meetings involves some sort of collaboration. It is not always an easy task, though is it?

You need everyone to understand what you are working on, or tutor them at once. While it is easy to do such things on a local basis, i.e., at your office premises, it becomes a problem when another factor comes in to play. This problem is called geography, not the subject, but the actual location. What if you wanted to train a group of employees who are miles away, or in another Country in another part of the World?

You can easily train them in webinar sessions, and also hold meetings online via group video chat. But there is another problem here. What if your audience use a different video chatting application each. This is when it becomes a problem. Or is it?

With Manycam Enterprise you can easily eliminate this issue. You see, this virtual webcam driver software, allows you to use your webcam with multiple applications. Normally, you can only use a webcam with one program at a time.

ManyCam Enterprise Coupon Code

But Manycam Enterprise lets each of these applications to use your webcam as the video source simultaneously. That is not all that the program can do.

Let’s see what Manycam Enterprise is capable of. The interface of the application is user friendly, and well designed.

There are 4 options on the bar on the top of the screen: Video, Effects, Gallery and Connect.

The first tab, Video, is the most important one for obvious reasons. The video preview window displays the feed from your webcam. But it is not limited to your webcam. See the + buttons on the right side of the video window. You can use these to add a different media a s a source. This can be another web cam, or a game, or a pre-recorded video, a blank image, a photo, or your desktop.

You can use this to create live tutorial videos and stream it to your audience, at the same time. To he right edge of the screen are two vertical bars, which you can use for managing the video effects that you have added. The first tab is for selecting the order of the effects and to remove them. The 2nd bar is for managing your favorite effects.

Speaking of effects, switch to its namesake tab and you will see that it allows you to choose one of many available presets, and the selected filter is instantly applied to the video. You can select multiple filters too and rag and drop them to the sidebar. You can add your own mce and mcv filters too.

The section below the video pane has 3 buttons : a video camera, a stream button, and a regular camera icon. The video camera icon is what you want to use to record the on-screen and on camera content, while the normal camera icon can be used for taking a still picture. The stream icon enables and disables the video stream from broadcasting.

Just below this are some options which allows you to configure the video settings. The resolution drop down menu lets you select the video resolution which you want to use for streaming to your audience. The available resolution options such as 480P, 720p, and this depends on the camera you have of course.

You can enable and disable the various picture-in-picture modes, represented by the rectangular icons on the bottom of the screen, using which will add a secondary video window inside your video window, with a feed from the secondary source you have selected. Do remember that while everyone can watch the picture in picture windows, only the main screen is audible, so there will be no audio from the secondary window.

The buttons below the video preview section in the ManyCam Enterprise edition’s interface, which houses the right and left icons, can be used to rotate the video in the left or right directions. You can flip the picture vertically to remove the mirror effect, or horizontally if you want to. Towards the bottom right corner are some sliders which can be used to adjust parameters such as RGB, contrast, brightness, grayscale and the saturation of the video.

ManyCam Enterprise Coupon Code

The Audio tab allows you to add your microphone’s input, a pre-recorded audio, music or songs to your stream. You can also create and shuffle playlists from the audio tab.

You can use the text tab for adding captions to the video, adjust its position, style, color and the opacity, So you can not only use it like subtitles, but also like a watermark. There is a marquee option for make the text scroll like a news ticker. The draw tab literally allows you to doodle on the video, which is very useful for tutorials, presentation video sessions. There is a time tab, which allows you to place a countdown timer or a clock on the video screen.

The lower third tab is an excellent option, because it lets you add a fancy box like the ones you see on TV with the score, or coming up text in it. Use the connect tab to sign in to YouTube, Facebook or other popular web services.

ManyCam Enterprise edition can be used with up to 12 video sources, and has all the features of the Syudio version, like cross-fading, transitions, playlist scheduling, multiple servers, full support for the ManyCam moile app, allows H.264 codec streaming, and lets you watch the pre-streaming preview mode.

Using ManyCam Enterprise with other applications, is very simple, simply open the program and customize all the settings and parameters. The net step is to simply select the video calling program, such as Skype, and simply select the ManyCam virtual webcam as the video source. That is all you need to do. Simple isn’t it?

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