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Do you use your webcam to video chat with friends and family? We all do. have a laptop with a functional web cam? You most likely use it for Skype, or Google Hangouts of Facebook, right? Now, you may have noticed that all video calling software have a major problem. When you try to use the webcam in another video service, you will be greeted with a message that the webcam is being used by another application.

That’s so annoying, isn’t it? You just got an important video call from another application, or even another browser window, but when you switch to the window, the video chat is interrupted by the lack of the video preview.

Is there any way to not make this happen? Mayncam Standard is the solution you are looking for. It is a virtual webcam driver, which not only offers webcam switching, but also lets you record the on-screen content from your camera.

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ManyCam has a simple to use interface, with 4 tabs on the interface: Video, Effects, Gallery and Connect.

The Video tab has a small video preview pane, using which you can see yourself using your webcam. The plus buttons on the right of the preview pane are used for adding other video sources, and this can be a game, an IP camera, the ManyCam mobbile app, any media file, a YouTube video, or your desktop or just a blank image.

To the right of this are the effects sidebar, and favorite effects side bar. Let’s move to the effects tab, and you will see the available filters to the right of the video preview pane.

To add an effect, simply left click on it and it will instantly add the selected filter to your video, and you can add multiple effects too. You can drag and drop effects in whatever order you wish. Clicking on the + button allows you to add more filters which you may have. ManyCam Standard supports mcv, mce filters.

Now look at the bottom half of the ManyCam Standard window. The video camera icon is used to record the input from the webcam, which you can then use for YouTube or other services. ManyCam allows you to select the resolution of the video (480p, 720p HD, etc) and the Zoom level. The Picture in Picture mode, is useful if you want to add a second window in the video preview pane, and just like adding another source, you can select any option here. There are multiple modes available to choose from.

Manycam Standard Coupon Code

I am always annoyed when selfie cameras and webcams capture the video or photo in a weird mirror mode. It looks totally unnatural. Of course when it comes to video calling the person and the preview window work normally.

But you don’t have to worry about such things even while using the webcam for photos or video recording, with ManyCam Standard. It has 4 options below the Picture-in-Picture mode, which are listed under Flip & Rotate. The button with the left arrow rotates the picture towards the left, the right button rotates it rightwards.

The Flip Horizontally Vertically button switches between the mirror mode, so it is a very valuable option. The Flip Horizontally button is a funny one, as it makes you look like you were sitting upside down. ManyCam Standard also lets you fine tune the contrast, brightness, grayscale, saturation and RGB values of the video.

The Audio tab can be used for adding a microphone, or a playlist of any audio files, which can be set to repeat or shuffle. You can manage mpl4 playlists from the playlist tab, and also use it to adjust the volume of the audio content in the playlist.

The Text tab is another awesome feature in ManyCam Standard, as it allows you to add some text to your video like a caption, choose the opacity, the color, the position, and also set it to scroll like a marquee.Likewise the Draw tab lets you doodle on the video, so you can use it for funny effects or to even draw something professionally. The Time tab can be used for adding a clock or countdown timer to the video, which is also customizable in terms of the size opacity and some preset syles.

The lower third tab can be used for adding a fancy box you see on new sites, or tv channels advertising something or to display a message. You can use it to add some text message or your website URL, or social network urls, to your video. The Chroma Key tab is used to remove the real background from your video and replace it with an image, video, etc. That’s pretty cool.

How to use ManyCam Standard with Skype:

Open ManyCam Standard and select whatever filters and other effects you wish to add to your video. Now leave the program running in the background, and open an application which uses the webcam, such as Skype. Open its settings and select the video source (and the audio source) as ManyCam Virtual WebCam and you are good to go.

ManyCam has full support for YouTube integration, which allows you to stream and broadcast YouTube videos, when you select one as the video course. Likewise you can broadcast to multiple web services using ManyCam simultaneously. that’s right you can use MancyCam with multiple applications like Skype, Hangouts, etc, at the same time. Coming to the screen recording features, you can use the video camera icon below the preview pane in the program, to record a video from the webcam, the stream icon to go on air, or the snapshot icon to take a photo from the webcam. Recorded videos and snapshots can be viewed from the Gallery tab.Manycam Standard can be used with as many 4 video sources.

Try the free version of Manycam, which has limited features, but it should give you an idea of what the program has to offer.

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