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Mirillis Action! Coupon Code

Are you a gamer? Do you want to showcase your skills online? You could monetize your gameplay videos on YouTube. Motivational speakers, bloggers, tutorial video makers, professors, teachers, can use the online video platform or Facebook, to build an audience, inspire people, help, educate them and more. 

But before you start a video channel, there are some things which you need to consider. The most important requirement for a video channel is, the video of course. Many people do not have a camera, or the means to buy one. How can you start a gameplay channel without a camera? You don’t really need one, when you have a simpler alternative, a screen recording program. 

The one we recommend is, Mirillis Action! Here’s why. 

Mirillis Action! has a beautiful interface, with a dark theme, and a neatly organized design. It is so easy to use, that you can understand which options are for what, at the very first glance. 

The GUI of Action! is divided into two panes, and some toolbars. The address bar, which is placed at the top left corner of the window, shows which folder your videos are currently being saved in. You can change the location of the folder of course. 

The large pane below the bar, is where the videos which you recorded will appear. Each video is listed with a thumbnail preview and its name. When you click on a video, you will see more details, such as the video’s resolution, frame rate, the length of the video, and the file size. The videos can be sorted by date, so you can see which video was recorded most recently, and which ones are the oldest. 

If you wish to preview a video, before publishing it, you don’t need to open or install a media player. Mirillis Action! has a video player which allows you to preview the videos within the program. 

Right-clicking on a video, allows you to either delete the file, play it, open the folder where it is saved, or export the video for finalizing it. The toolbar which is below the pane, have shortcuts to execute the actions mentioned above. 

Moving to the right pane, Action! has several tabs here. The primary one of these, is the video recording pane. This is what you will be using, for recording your videos. There are several recording modes to choose from. 

If you want to record a gameplay video, select the game controller icon, and it will allow you to record the full screen game, in its true glory. You can choose between AVI and MP4 video file formats, enable hardware acceleration. You can also set the video size, aka the resolution, from the original size 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p formats.  

Frame rate is not only important for games, but also for gameplay videos, and Mirillis Action! lets you pick from as low as 15 frames per second, 20, 24, 25, 30, 50, 60 fps (which is the standard), and up to 120 fps. 

You can configure the number of hours, minutes and seconds for which Action! should record the content, after which the recording will automatically stop. This can be useful if you want your gameplay, or lessons, to not go over your usual time limit. The microphone option, when enabled allows you to record your audio commentary, which you can add to the video. Likewise, the webcam option, can be used to record yourself, in a picture-in-picture mode, so your viewers are able to see how you react, or watch you speak, as you play or teach, in a more immersive experience. 

The Application option allows you to record just the window of the application, which you have selected, without recording the other content on the screen, say like your desktop and the icons there. 

Similarly, you can use the view finder icon (with the solid border), to record the active screen. Or use the dotted-line view finder icon, to only record a particular region of the screen. The HDMI port icon, allows you to record content from HDMI/USB video capture devices or a webcam.  

You can start recording the video by using the F9 option, or the ones depending on the mode you are recording in. When you select the recorder option, Action! switches to a minimalistic HUD toolbar. This enables you to pause or resume the recording anytime you want quickly. 

When you are done recording, you can export the video to one of the profiles: Original, Interlaced, SD, Mobile, Facebook Youtube, HD Video, Ultra HD. You can set the video resolution, bitrate, aduio track etc, and if you have signed in to Facebook or YouTube, the video can directly be uploaded to your channel. 

Click the LIVE button on the right pane, and you will be able to stream the video to your audience in real-time. You can use it to stream to Twitch.tv, YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, Aliez.tv, Smashcast, Facebook or to your own website’s server. And just like with the regular video recording, you can choose the video resolution, bitrate, framerate. LIVE Streamed videos can optionally be recorded to your PC’s hard drive. 

Mirillis Action! Coupon Code

You can login to any of these video services, directly from within the application. The Audio Recording option lets you record audio from your speaker, sound card or a microphone, and save it in WAV or MP3. And just like the video recorder, you can set a time limit for the recording, enable recording from multi-channel. 

Action! has a benchmarking option, which lets you test your PC’s processing and video recording power in an easy way.   

You can also use the program to capture screenshots, and for this you can use the F12 shortcut hotkey. The pictures will be saved in BMP, PNG and JPEG image formats according to your settings. 

Mirillis Action! Is an excellent way to start a vlog, without having to spend on an expensive DSLR camera. And the fact that the program is user friendly, only gives us an extra reason to recommend it for all users. 

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