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Are you interested in becoming a vlogger? Want to start a Let’s Play channel on Youtube? Wondering what equipment, you need to buy to begin recording your on-screen videos? 

You don’t need any cameras, not when you can record the screen digitally, thanks to Mirillis Action! 

Mirillis Action! is a spectacular choice for recording your screen. It is a very popular choice among YouTubers, Facebook users, and vloggers on other platforms. We take a look at why it is good, in this review. 

Mirillis Action! has a really good interface, which is not just aesthetically pleasing, but is also very user friendly. You will know what to do, when you run the program for the first time. 

Action! has a HUD aka head-up display, which is sort of a toolbar, which appears when you are recording a video. It’s quite minimalistic, and is not included in the recorded videos itself. You can show/hide the HUD, change the position where the HUD is displayed, and select the active screen, which is useful in case you have multiple monitors. 

The main interface of Action! comprises of two panes, and a couple of toolbars. The bar on the top left, is the address bar, which you can use to navigate the folders on your computer. The pane below the address bar, is the video recording pane, and this is where the videos which you record, will appear. You can sort the videos by date.  

The videos listed, have a thumbnail preview and the name displayed on the pane. Selecting a video, displays the resolution of the video, the frame rate, the duration for which the video runs, and the size of the video. You can double click on the video, to view it using the built-in Action! Player. 

The toolbar on the bottom of the pane can be used for deleting or playing the video, open the containing folder, or to export the file. You can also right-click on a video to perform the same actions. 

Exporting the video, is finalizing the video, to make it playable on different websites, devices, etc. You can select any output profile from Original, Ultra HD, HD, YouTube, Facebook, Mobile, SD Video or Interlaced. Selecting a video profile will automatically assign the other parameters for the video, such as the video size (resolution and frames) and the video bitrate. You can add a custom audio track, or choose a different output too.  

Here’s the best part. You can select the file format up to Ultra high quality. he videos which you record on Action! are YouTube and Facebook ready, so you don’t need to use a video converter application or anything like that. And you don’t even need to open your web-browser to upload the videos to YouTube or Facebook, simply use the login option in Action! and it will login to your account and upload the video to your channel. How cool is that? 

Let’s go back to the main screen. The pane on the right side, has many tabs, the primary of which is the video recording panel. There are lots of options here, and this is where you will need to select the mode of recording. 

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You can choose the game, active screen, active desktop region, or the record webcam or HDMI/USB vidoe capture devices. 

The program lets you select between AVI and MP4 video file formats, enable hardware acceleration, video size (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and original), and the video framerate in fps (60fps is standard), but you can set it to (15 or 20, or 24, or 25, 30, 50, 60 and 120 frames per second). You can configure a time to record the video for, let’s say 1 hour and 25 minutes and 30 seconds, it can be anything. 

Optionally, if you have a microphone or a webcam, you can set Action! to record the audio or video from them. Mirillis Action! also supports Greenscreen mode, the popular mode used by News and TV channels, to replace the background with something different, when you record videos with your webcam. And, you can set an application to record from, so only the output from that screen is recorded. 

Recording videos on Action! are a breeze. All you have to do is select the “Record button” (red colored), or just hit a hotkey (F9 by default), and your video will begin recording. And you can do what you wanted to record, like play a game, or create a tutorial video, etc. The hotkey changes for different modes, but the experience remains the same. 

Action! also supports LIVE Streaming to your channel, which is awesome, and to use this, obviously you need to login to YouTube or Facebook. You can use the Ctrl + F9 hotkey for recording LIVE streaming videos and wow your audience. 

The program allows you to record just the audio, without recording the video. The hotkey for this is F10. You can also customize options such as choosing an audio device, and WAV or MP4 audio output formats, enable multi-channel audio recording, etc. Let’s say you made a recording of a gameplay video, but want to add some commentary to it later, this feature can be used for doing just that. 

Wondering if your PC is powerful enough to record videos? Use the F11 key to benchmark your system for a selected duration which you can choose.  And yes, you can use Action! to capture screenshots too. You can do so, using the F12 key, which is commonly used by many programs including Steam. Screenshots can be saved in BMP, PNG and JPEG image formats. 

Mirillis Action! is very easy to use, and hence is suited for all users. The videos which it records are crisp, clear, and perfect for YouTube. Start your own channel today and share your video tutorials, game reviews, let’s play channels, and build yourself an identity. 

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