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If you are looking for a screen recorder to start a YouTube otr Twitch channel, you are at the right place. What does one have to look for in a screen recorder? A good interface, user friendliness, lot of features, and stability. 

Mirillis Action! is the one you need, it is a fantastic application which can help you with your vlogging needs. Let’s tell you why. 

While most screen recorders come with clunky interfaces, which are complex and confusing, the interface of Action! Is the opposite. It is highly polished with a suave dark theme, and is extremely user friendly. We felt right at home, when we ran the program for the first time. Everything is organize so well, you don’t even need an explanation to see which feature can be accessed from where. 

The GUI of Action!, is split into two areas, with the left pane accompanied by 2 toolbars. The top bar is the address bar, similar to the one you may have seen in Windows File Manager. It allows you to see the folder location, where the videos recorded by Action! are being saved in to. You can customize the location to any folder of your choice. 

All the videos which are listed in the left pane, have a thumbnail preview which helps identify what the video is about, and also has the file name listed (in the date, and time format). You can sort the videos by date, to see the chronological timeline in which you recorded the videos. Selecting a video, brings more information on it on screen, such as the video’s resolution, frame rate, the time duration, and the video’s file size. 

You can right-click on a video, to bring up a context menu. This menu has options which allow you to play the video, delete it, or to open the folder where the video is saved, or to export the video (for uploading, sharing, etc). The toolbar below the video folder pane, has buttons which do the exact same thing, as the menu above.  

When you click on the play video option, or double-click a video, you may be surprised because, it does not open any third-party media player. Instead, Action! will use its own media player which is available within the program, using which you can play/pause, rewind or fast-forward the video and watch it. To record videos, you will be using the right pane of Mirillis Action!. It houses many tabs here. The first tab is the video recording tab, and it has various modes which you can select. 

The gamepad icon in the recording tab, as you may guess, is what you need to select for recording gameplay videos. Select it, open a game, and use the F9 hotkey, to begin the recording process. You can also use Action!’s HUD (toolbar) to control the recording. 

Mirillis Action! Coupon Code

The active screen recording mode, which can be accessed from the 1st view finder icon, lets you record your entire desktop screen. This can be useful, if you are making a tutorial video or something like that.

If you wish to hide your desktop from your viewers, you can use the active region mode (the 2nd view finder icon), which only records a specific portion of the screen. You can customize the size of the area which has to be recorded. Mirillis Action! also allows you to record videos from your webcam or HDMI/USB video capture devices. 

Each video recording mode in Action!, has its own hotkey shortcut, which allows for seamless video recording. All videos which are recorded, can be saved in either AVI or MP4 file formats. Available video resolution sizes in the program include 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p formats, and the original size of the recording.  You can also select a frame rate to record the videos in, which includes standard 60 fps, 120 fps, and other options to choose from 15, 20, 24, 25, 30, 50 frames per second. 

It is very important to time your videos, else it can either get too long or fall short, both of which can displease your viewers. Thankfully, Action! has a built-in option, which lets you set a time limit, where you can set the number of hours, minutes, and seconds, to record your video, and stop recording when the limit is reached. 

Switch to the next tab, and you will be able to record videos LIVE and stream them to your audience, in real-time. You can sign in to your Twitch.tv, YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, Aliez.tv, Smashcast, Facebook account or to your own website’s server, and stream the videos directly from Action!. The program lets you choose the video resolution, bitrate, audio track etc, for your video stream. 

If you only want to record the sound, you can use the Audio Recording option, to capture the audio from your PC’s sound card, speaker, or a microphone, which you can speak in to. You can save the audio recordings in either WAV or MP3. There is a time limiter for the sound recorder, similar to the video recorder, and if you have a multi-channel audio source, you can record the audio from them too. 

Exported videos can be uploaded to Facebook or YouTube directly. The benchmark tool in Action! can be used to test how well your PC can record videos, especially for gaming, so you can tweak the settings accordingly.  Action! Can also be used as a screen capture tool, and you can quickly take snaps with the F12 shortcut hotkey. Screenshots can be saved in one of the following 3 image formats: BMP, PNG and JPEG. 

Mirillis Action! is top-notch screen recorder, with no cons whatsoever. And, because of its user friendliness, and its incredible features, we believe it is a must have application in every vlogger’s arsenal of tools. 

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