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Movavi Photo Editor does a lot more than providing you with just a set of standard cropping and rotating tools. Whether its enhancing image quality, deleting unwanted objects off photos, or removing image backgrounds, Movavi Photo Editor delivers the tools needed to get the job done. The latest version of the application — Movavi Photo Editor 3 — features a neat layout and crisp user controls that make editing photos a breeze.

Application Layout

Movavi Photo Editor features a large vacant area to the left-side of the window to where you can either drag in files for editing, or manually browse for photos off local storage devices or cloud-based storage drives. To the right-side of the window, all available editing options — Adjust, Effects, Rotate, Crop, Text, Resize, Object Removal, and Background Removal — are listed in the form of tabbed icons. At the bottom of the window, you get access to various miscellaneous tools, such as the ability to zoom in and out of images, fit photos to screen, flip through uploaded items, check for media information, undo and redo changes, export photos to other formats, etc.

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Enhancing Images

Movavi Photo Editor features numerous color controls, where you can manually adjust properties such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, temperature, and tint to enhance the quality of images. Additional image enhancing options featured within the application lets you deepen or lighten shadows, add blur effects at varying degrees, sharpen image quality, etc. Rather than manually adjusting color properties, you can let Movavi Photo Editor do the job for you via a feature called Magic Enhance, which uses a unique algorithm to automatically adjust color properties for best image quality.

Adding Effects

The photo editing application gives you access to a number of pre-defined effects that you can apply to instantly change the look an image. Available effects are classified into four types, namely Classic, Artistic, Textures, and Color Filters, under which you can find popular effects such as Black & White, Nostalgic, Pixelate, and Oil Painting, or texture-based effects such as Night Lights, Stars, Water, Sunshine, and Metal. You can also choose to tint images with various color filters such as Lime, Magenta, Silver, Chocolate, etc.


When you want to crop your images into various sizes, you can either choose to manually select the areas that you need to crop out, or use various pre-defined aspect ratios — 1.1, 4.3, 16.9, etc. — and let Movavi Photo Editor do the job for you. In instances where you have to be exact with the area that you want to crop out, you can choose to manually insert the width and height of the cropping frame.


Movavi Photo Editor provides you with several pre-defined rotation angles, where you can either choose to rotate images at 90 degree angles to the left or right, or flip them vertically or horizontally. In addition, a feature called the Level Tool allows you to draw out horizontal or vertical lines that automatically rotates images according to the angle drawn.


When it comes to resizing images, Movavi Photo Editor allows you to manually insert the resolution that you require; you can also choose to insert the width and height in percentages, inches, centimeters, and millimeters. Alternately, you can choose to select from between multiple pre-defined resolutions; 640 x 480, 1280 x 960, 3200 x 2400, etc. The application, however, doesn’t provide you with sizing handles for manual resizing of images.

Adding Watermarks

If you don’t want your photos from being used without your consent, you can choose to add text-based watermarks; signatures, websites, trademarks, etc. When adding your watermarks, you can choose to apply various fonts, adjust font size, specify color, and rotate text. With the inclusion of an opacity slider, you can choose to adjust the significance of your watermarks relative to the image.

Object Removal

Movavi Photo Editor’s Selection Brush Tool allows you to remove unwanted objects off images, where a special algorithm then kicks in and automatically reconstructs deleted areas using surrounding textures and colors. In instances where you want to take matters into your own hands, you can use tools such as the Magic Wand to instantly select areas of similar color, or the Lasso tool to manually trace objects using the mouse. Most importantly, the Cloning Stamp lets you replace parts of an image by cloning the textures off other areas within the image.

Background Removal

For instances where you want to remove backgrounds off images, Movavi Photo Editor provides you with a couple of brushes, namely the Foreground Brush, which allows you to mark the object that you want to keep, and the Background Brush, which lets you select the background area that you want removed; the application features a smart edge-detection algorithm so you don’t have to be exact when using the brushes. Once marked, Movavi Photo Editor automatically removes the background so that you can either replace it with colors or other images.

Exporting Files

Movavi Video Editor gives you the ability to save your edited images in either the same format that you imported them in, or in various other image formats. For example, the photo editing application has no problem whatsoever in exporting JPEG files to the PNG, TIFF, or Bitmap formats, and vice versa.

Should I Get It?

While Movavi Photo Editor 3 doesn’t have the in-depth editing capabilities of professional-grade software such as Adobe Photoshop, if still does far more than you average photo editing application. With access to numerous color controls, various visual effects, and text-based watermarking options, coupled with features such as Magic Enhance for enhancing image quality, smart detection algorithms for removing objects and backgrounds, and the ability to export to various other file formats, make Movavi Photo Editor ideal for your day-to-day photo-editing requirements.