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Movavi Screen Capture Studio combines three standalone applications — Movavi Screen Capture, Movavi Audio Capture, and Movavi Video Editor — into one comprehensive package. Whether it’s capturing all or part of your computer screen, editing captured content by cutting out unwanted segments, or converting your recordings to various other file formats, Movavi Screen Capture Studio delivers the tools required to do the job.

Accessing Your Applications

Movavi Screen Capture Studio gives you access to all available applications via the Screen Capture Studio start screen, where you get three options labeled Capture Screen, Record Audio, and Edit Video. Selecting Capture Screen launches Movavi Screen Capture, which lets you capture any area of your screen along with system audio and voice-overs, while selecting Record Audio opens Movavi Audio Capture, an application that lets you record audio from various audio capture devices connected to your computer. Finally, choosing Edit Video opens Movavi Video Editor, where you can edit captured videos and add numerous visual effects.

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Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture’s user interface provides you with access to both a control panel and a capture frame. The control panel serves as the hub from where you get to control all aspects of the application. Rather than capturing the entire screen, you can choose to adjust the size of the capture window either by selecting from between multiple pre-defined resolutions — full-screen, standard, and widescreen — or by manually inputting the height and width of the capture frame. The application also includes a feature that lets you snap the capture frame onto any application that you want to record by simply clicking on it.

Movavi Screen Capture doesn’t just record your screen, but also allows you to simultaneously record system audio as well; you can also choose to add voice-overs while recording via connected microphones. That, combined with the ability to add mouse and keyboard-related visual and audio effects — adding sounds and highlights when using the mouse, displaying keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts on-screen, etc. — make Movavi Screen Capture ideal for creating video tutorials. Additionally, you can configure the application to perform recordings automatically at scheduled time periods.

After completing your screen capture sessions, you can choose to either save your recordings in various file formats — MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, AVI, etc. — or use the various conversions profiles included for smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs to automatically get down the correct format for your device. Alternately, you can opt to send your recordings directly to Movavi Video Editor for advanced editing, directly upload them to video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Facebook, or in instances where you use iOS devices, send the files directly to iTunes for instant syncing.

Movavi Audio Capture

Movavi Audio Capture serves only one purpose, and that’s capturing audio from microphones and other audio capture devices connected to your computer. If your computer supports system audio recording, you can also opt to record sounds generated from your computer’s sound card. The application lets you select the device that you want to capture audio from, and saves captured sounds automatically in the MP3 format file format. Movavi Audio Capture’s integration into Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows you to record voice-overs in instances where you were unable to do so while screen-capturing, and then use Movavi Video Editor to merge both the screen recordings and the voice-overs.

Movavi Video Editor

By far the largest application included within the suite, Movavi Video Editor not only allows you to edit captured content sent directly from Movavi Screen Capture, but also gives you the option to edit numerous other video file formats imported from local storage devices or off optical drives. In addition, you can also choose to import and edit video content captured directly from video capture devices connected to your computer.

The video editing application also features numerous visual effects (backgrounds, transitions, filters), various editing tools (cutting, cropping, rotating, color controls, etc.), and an integrated video pane that lets you preview videos simultaneously while editing them. Further, the inclusion of a timeline lets you have total control over all imported video files, audio tracks, background audio clips, and overlay items.

Using the video pane in conjunction with the timeline, you can cut unwanted segments out of videos, crop frames, splice videos, insert screen transitions, add video filters, apply overlay text, perform color adjustments, etc. Edited files can be exported to various sub-definition and high-definitions file formats or automatically converted to device-compatible formats via the numerous conversion profiles built-in to the application.

Should I Get It?

Movavi Screen Capture Studio features almost everything that you can possible want from a screen capturing suite. With the added benefits of having access to Movavi Audio Capture and Movavi Video Editor, you can add voice-overs to captured content, remove unwanted segments off your screen captures, seamlessly splice together recordings using screen transitions, and add various visual effects to enhance video quality. Coupled with Movavi Video Editor’s ability to not only edit screen captures, but also other video file formats as well, and you get immense value for your money.