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Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the all-in-one screen recording software, which you need for your business, entertainment, education or personal usage.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio makes it easy to record videos, using the capture bar and keyboard shortcuts, which allow you to start and stop the video recordings, take screenshots, quickly.

You can use the application for recording live streams from any video service or application. This is very useful, if you are taking an online course, and want to learn at a slower pace, or revisit lessons. The specialty of Movavi Screen Capture Studio, is that you can record from any source, be it a web browser, application, game, your desktop, or even your web cam.

You can also record audio from streams too. You can create your own videos to,o by recording the on-screen content, for tutorials for your YouTube channel. And you can use your mic to record your voice at the same time while your video is recording, for audio commentary. The program allows you to record and mix in voiceovers later too.

Want to make Let’s Play videos for your YouTube or Twitch Gaming Channel? Movavi Screen Capture Studio is capable of recording games too. The application can record 1080 Full HD videos at 60 frames per second, and save it as an MP4 video.

The program has a built-in video editor which you can use to trim your videos, and also add various effects to it. There are various tools such as captions, arrows, callouts, which you can add to your video to highlight specific areas in your video, which may be useful for video tutorials.

You can also use the application for recording Skype conference calls, interviews, etc., for training purposes, or for reference, or even for documentation.

Many game vloggers are recording their own face during gameplay videos, especially for live streams, to allow fans to see their reaction. You can do the same by recording video from your webcam, and the game footage at the same time.

You can also add transitions, background music, titles, slow motion effects too. Finished recording and editing your video? You can upload the video directly yo YouTube from the program’s interface.