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While the name “Movavi Video Converter” may sound like your average video conversion utility, it does far more than just converting videos to other formats. Extracting audio tracks, creating GIF animations, and capturing screenshots from videos are just a few among the vast array of tools available at your disposal. Featuring a highly intuitive user-interface, Movavi Video Converter 17 makes converting videos a breeze thanks to its huge library of conversion profiles and Movavi’s own unique SuperSpeed conversion mode.

Application Layout

Movavi Video Converter features a large vacant area to the upper-left side of the window, where you can either drag-and-drop videos, music, and photos for conversion, or use pre-set options such as Add Video, Add Audio, Add DVD, or Add Image to specify the type of files that you want to import. To the upper right-side of the window, you can find a media player integrated into application, where you can instantly preview both input and output file formats on the fly; you can also opt to hide the player in instances where you need more screen estate to view imported files. Finally, all available editing tools and conversion options are conveniently listed at the bottom of the window.

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Converting Videos

The application displays media info for each imported video file, such as bitrate, file size, duration, and available video, audio, and subtitle streams. Once you select an output format, the application displays additional information such as projected file size, and the video encoder and quality setting used in conversion; the default quality setting balances both quality and file size, though you can manually adjust the resolution and video bit-rate to your requirements. Since multiple media tracks can add to file size, especially in instances where you want to upscale SD videos to HD formats, you can even choose to exclude unwanted video or audio streams from being converted.

When it comes to selecting an output format, you can choose from numerous standard file formats (AVI, FLV, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, WEBM, etc.) and DVD/Blu-ray compatible formats (VOB and MT2S); the application also supports outputting videos to Ultra-HD 4K formats. Alternately, you can use the 200+ built-in conversion profiles for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles to automatically convert videos to the correct format for your device. Certain file formats are also available for conversion in Movavi’s SuperSpeed conversion mode, where videos are converted at significantly faster speeds with no degradation to visual quality.

In addition to converting videos to various formats, the utility also features several basic editing tools, where you can rotate or flip videos, crop frames, and splice together video files. You can also apply text or image-based watermarks to videos in instances where you want to prevent your work from being reproduced or pirated. The application also features a number of color adjustment tools that you can use to configure the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation of videos, while the inclusion of a video stabilization option allows you to tone down jerky picture frames in older videos.

Converting Music

While the words “video converter” may imply support for videos only, Movavi Video Converter does in fact provide conversion options for a range of audio file formats (MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, etc.). Similar to converting videos, you can check projected file sizes depending on the output format that you select and tweak the bitrate accordingly. In addition to converting audio-only files, you can choose to rip audio tracks off video files and convert them to any audio format of your choosing. The application also lets you combine different audio clips — even files in different formats — where the built-in audio normalization option allows to you adjust volume across all tracks to the same level.

Converting Photos

In addition to converting both videos and music, Movavi Video Converter also lets you perform conversions of all major image-based file formats; JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc. Before converting, you can even take advantage of the same tools that you use to edit videos to crop, rotate, and watermark images. The snapshot feature within the video preview pane also lets you capture video frames and convert them to various image-based formats, where you can upscale or downscale output image resolutions as you see fit. In instances of small video clips, you can even choose to convert them to the extremely popular GIF format; ideal for creating memes, avatars, etc.

Should I Get It?

Movavi Video Editor doesn’t just convert videos, but also provides built-in support for all major audio and image-based formats. With features such as on-the-fly previewing, Movavi’s SuperSpeed conversion mode, and a huge library of conversion profiles, Movavi Video Converter prevents you from wasting time trying to get down the perfect format for your device. Coupled with total control on video, audio, and image quality, and with built-in tools for basic editing tasks, Movavi Video Converter makes converting videos fun.