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Movavi’s flagship video editing application, Movavi Video Editor, brings to the table extremely responsive user controls, numerous special effects, and support for various video file formats.

Whether it’s splicing videos with professional-grade transitions, encoding files with additional media tracks, or exporting videos to different file formats, Movavi Video Editor’s got you covered. With its ultra-intuitive interface, the latest version of the application — Movavi Video Editor 11 — makes short work of even complex video editing tasks.

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Application Layout

Movavi Video Editor’s clean cut interface separates all available features into three distinct sections. The upper right-side of the window contains several tabbed icons that give you access to file import options, visual effects (transitions, titles, and filters), and other miscellaneous editing tools.

On the other side of the window, you get a video pane that lets you preview videos while editing them, complete with support for full-screen and frame-by-frame video playback. The bottom of the window contains the most important feature of the application — the timeline — where you have total control over all imported videos, music, visual effects, and overlay tracks, while a toolbar at the top of the timeline provides you with access to basic editing tools such as Cut, Crop, Rotate, etc.

Importing Videos

Movavi Video Editor provides you with several ways that you can import in files for editing. The video editing application supports nearly all major video file formats (MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.), where you can either import individual items or entire folders from local storage devices or off optical disc drives.

The application also includes a separate module called Capture Video, which lets you capture streaming content from capture devices connected to your computer; captured videos are automatically imported to Movavi Video Editor upon completion. Additionally, you can choose to capture content directly from your screen — complete with system audio and voice-overs — though it requires the purchase of a separate application called Movavi Screen Capture.

Editing Videos

Imported videos are featured within the Movavi Video Editor timeline, where you can drag and move items around to arrange them in any order that you want; the timeline feels extremely responsive, with no lag whatsoever when moving files around or while selecting video segments.

The inclusion of a timescale and slider lets you pinpoint video frames when cutting out scenes or inserting visual effects; the preview pane displays video frames corresponding to the position of the slider on the time scale. Using the editing toolbar at the top of the timeline in conjunction with the preview pane, the timescale, and the slider, you can make quick work of basic editing tasks such as cutting, cropping, and rotating videos.

With the numerous transitional effects — Ripple, Warp, Wipe, Zoom, etc. — at your disposal, you can prevent obvious signs of video splicing by seamlessly connecting together cut sequences and other video files. Movavi Video Editor also features over 50 video filters — Artistic, Blur, Mosaic, Retro, etc. — that you can apply to entire videos or to select segments to spice things up. Adding transitions and video filters are as simple as dragging and dropping the effects onto any desired video segment within the timeline.

Movavi Video Editor also gives you the option to overlay videos with titles, photos, and other videos. Unlike scene transitions and video filters, the timeline displays inserted overlay items in separate sections labeled Titles Tracks and Overlay Tracks, where you can simply drag them over video segments and adjust durations via sizing handles.

An additional section labeled Audio Tracks serves as a means to adding background music, and runs separately from audio tracks already included within imported video files; voice-overs added via microphones are also listed within this section.

Exporting Videos

When it’s time to export your completed video projects, Movavi Video Editor lets you choose from between various SD and HD file formats, including DVD and Blu-ray video compliant formats such as VOB and M2TS. Also featured are conversion profiles for iOS, Android, and numerous other smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and smart TVs, where videos are automatically converted into compliant formats.

Alternately, you can choose to export and upload projects directly to video hosting sites such as YouTube and Facebook, where files are automatically encoded in appropriate formats.

Should I Get It?

Movavi Video Editor’s crisp user interface, responsive controls, and simplistic approach to video editing, coupled with the numerous editing tools, professional-grade visual effects, and multiple import/export options at your disposal, make it an all-around excellent video editing application to use.

While you can get the Movavi Video Editor in standalone format, it’s also included as part of the Movavi Video Suite. Although the standalone version provides you with enough bang for your buck, the version included within the Movavi Video Suite does come with additional benefits such as the ability to import screen captures, export files to disc, etc.

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