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Movavi Video Suite combines up to ten standalone applications created by the Missouri-based developer into one neat comprehensive package. Whether it’s ripping TV shows to local storage devices, converting videos for compatibility on various platforms, or burning data onto CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, Movavi Video Suite 16’s got you covered. Further, the multimedia suite’s user-friendly approach to media management makes quick work of even the most complex of tasks.

Accessing Your Applications

Rather than listing available applications by name, the Movavi Video Suite 16 launcher lets you simply select the task that you want to perform, where it then brings up the application best suited for the task. For example, selecting “Edit Video” opens the Movavi Video Editor, while choosing “Convert Video” or “Convert Audio” launches the Movavi Video Converter, etc. Available tasks are grouped by functionality under separate side-tabs labeled Video, Audio, Photo, and Data. The launcher also gives you direct access to numerous tutorials that show you in-depth the various functionalities present in each application.

Video Editing

Want to spice up your videos? Movavi Video Editor lets you do just that, where you get access to numerous transitions, backgrounds, and filters in addition to the standard cutting, cropping, and splicing tools readily available at your disposal. The application lets you import video files from optical drives and local storage devices, while also giving you the option to import streaming content directly from available capture devices. After editing, you can either export edited videos by manually specifying output codecs and file formats, or simply use the various built-in conversion profiles for Android, iOS, and other mobile devices. When it comes to just splitting videos, you can opt to skip the Movavi Video Editor and instead use a separate editing module called Movavi Split Video, which includes a frame-by-frame feature that lets you pinpoint the exact video frame where you want to split files at.

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Multimedia Conversion

With the inclusion of the Movavi Video Converter, performing video file conversions doesn’t get any more convenient than simply adding files and specifying an output format. Additionally, you can choose to exclude certain video or audio tracks to cut down on file size, adjust video quality by increasing or lowering bit-rate (affects file size directly), and even encode exported files with subtitle tracks. The utility also features an output mode called Super Speed, which allows you to convert select file formats at considerably faster speeds with no quality loss. Although the name implies support for video files only, the Movavi Video Converter also supports audio conversions of nearly all major music formats, where you can perform various audio enhancements and specify quality settings of output formats. The utility goes even further with full conversion support for all forms of images, and even provides you with a range of editing tools to rotate and crop photos, perform color adjustments, add watermarks, etc.

Capturing Video and Audio

Whenever you want to make videos out of all the stuff that goes on in your computer screen, you can use Movavi Screen Capture’s movable and resizable capture window to instantly start recording any area of your screen. The utility even lets you insert clicking sounds and visual highlights to cursor moves and mouse clicks, while also giving you the ability to simultaneously capture system audio and insert voice-overs. Provided that your computer’s equipped with an appropriate capture card, you can also choose to record content directly from AVCHD camcorders and TVs via the Movavi Capture Video module, where capturing content’s as simple as specifying the capture device, the resolution, and the frame-rate to use during recording. When it comes to just capturing audio, you can instead use a separate module called Movavi Capture Audio to record sounds directly from any microphones connected to your computer.

Disc Burning and Ripping

Not limited to just editing, converting, and capturing media, Movavi Video Suite 16 also features the Movavi Burn Disc utility for all your CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc-burning requirements. In addition to creating basic data discs, Movavi Burn Disc also lets you burn music for compatibility on CD players, create video DVDs and Blu-ray discs for playback on DVD/Blu-ray compatible devices, and even make disc copies using either image-based or on-the-fly disc burning. The utility also lets you burn discs from disc images — ISO-based image formats — and even rip content from discs directly to your hard drive.

Playing Videos and Music

The Movavi Video Suite Player featured within the multimedia suite has the ability to play nearly any video or audio file format that you throw at it due large codec library that it comes built in with. Not limited to just playing videos and music, the media player also gives you additional features such as the ability to create custom video and music playlists, switch between available media tracks, perform video color adjustments, etc.

Social Media Sharing

With the inclusion of the Movavi Share Online module, uploading your photos and videos to social-media sites such as YouTube and Facebook has never been so convenient. Once you authenticate your social media account with Movavi Share Online, you can just drag and drop the files that you want uploaded, and the module automatically does the rest of the job.

Should I Get It?

Movavi Video Suite 16 puts away with much of the stuff that make multimedia management such a complex and arduous process. The user-friendly nature of all available Movavi applications, complete with dozens of tutorials and helpful text blurbs, make editing, converting, capturing, and burning media a breeze. Coupled with the vast amount of multimedia management features that you get — costs less too when compared to the price of each standalone application included – put Movavi Video Suite 16 among the best multimedia management suites currently available.